What Dogs Are Born Without Tails? Must Read Complete Guide

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“Did you dock your puppy’s tail?”- You must have faced this question if you have a dog without a tail or with a bobtail. If it’s “No,” then the next question will come – “What dogs are born without tails?

Believe it or not, all dogs are born having a tail. The only difference is some are visible more than others. But, it would be interesting to know what dogs are born without tails, right?

Well, it’s simple to face this question if you have a dog. Also, people seem to have an interest in a dog without a tail for various purposes nowadays.

Suppose you are one of them and looking for dogs without born naturally with no tail, welcome! You are in the exact place.

In this article, you will meet with some fancy dog born with short tails or no tails at all. Scroll down and meet the guys!

No-tailed dog – How would you have this?

Before finding the doggies, let’s learn about the facts with a dog without a tail.

Well, there are two ways for why a dog with a short tail or no tail at all-

  • Docking the tail
  • Natural crossbreeding

Hope, you know about the 1st one; it creates a painful condition and somewhere illegal.

Docking a tail includes intentionally removing a portion of the tail when your puppy is only a few days old. It seems pathetic, right? Not cruel, but you know, unnecessary for most dogs.

You are looking for a natural crossbreeding in different dog results inborn a dog breed without tail or bobtail. It happens due to mutation in a T gene that remains dominated or recessive in a short tail dog.

Due to preventing or restricting docking, nowadays, the natural bobtail process is gaining popularity among dog lovers.

 If you are one among the dog fancy looking for a dog with a natural bobtail or without a tail, these selective doggies are for you.

What dog breeds are born without tails?

Pembroke Welsh Corgi

Looking for an active and intelligent dog having different coat color and easy to train? Yes, Pembroke Welsh Corgi has an excellent value for that from history. And, what’s about its tail?

These doggies are born with a naturally short or missing tail. Though some used to dock this dog for a short tail for a long time, now it’s illegal in many countries.

And the tiny tails are the result of having a mutation in a gene called T-gene. These short or missing tails give them a clear distinguishes look from the long-tailed Cardigan Welsh Corgi.

Brittany Spaniel

From history, Brittany Spaniels is known as gun dogs, and still, they are being used for many sports. These are very energetic and intelligent, as well.

Most of them are born with naturally short tails, while long-tailed Brittany is rarely found. And some have docked tails to a length of 3–10 centimeters.

However, these tailless doggies have a good look with their fluffy ears and multi-coated color.

Braque du Bourbonnais

This hunter dog is mostly being bred in the USA nowadays, though it’s originated in France. Braques are very active and can quickly change the direction.

You would find this dog in two possible coat colors having a very tiny tail, which is almost rectangular in size. These are mainly born with no tail (anury) or a short tail (brachyury). Its tails tend to be straight-edged.

Do you know what it was called? “A short-tail pointer”! Yes, its tail is precisely like that.

Brazilian Terrier

These dogs are commonly known for their tri-colored and well-balanced body. It’s short, OK, and sleek coat make them looking so fresh and active.

However, the tails of the Brazilian Terrier are always docked in Brazil though it is banned now. Naturally, their tails vary from long to completely missing. But if you want this tail as the breed standard, you can look for docked dogs.

An interesting fact you may notice is its tails color, which often matches with one of the darker fur colors having on its body.

Croatian Sheepdog

Did you know? Once a time, these dogs have been bred and used as a sheep and cattle herder in Slavonia! Now it becomes a pet dog for traditional work.

These black doggies naturally have born with a moderately high tail, covered with bushy hair.

And dock system used to make these tails missing or approximately one inch in length until it was legal in Croatia.

When it was banded, the only way left is the selective breeding to keep the tails as a breed standard.

Now, most of the Croatian Sheepdog is born with a tiny or no tail at all. Seems interesting, right?

Boston Terrier

The American Gentleman! – Yes, Boston Terriers are often referred to like this because of its tuxedo appearance. These have a standard looking with the adorable face, short muzzle, and lack of a long tail.

Well, the tail; is this naturally tinny sized?

Yes, these dogs are originated from crossbreeding of the White English Terrier and the English Bulldog. And this breeding result for their little tail is often called “nub.”

Their tails are also different in shape. You will find screw tail, gaily tail, even crooked tail in a Boston Terrier.

English Bulldog

Does an English Bulldog have tails? Yes, most of these dogs are born with very short tails, and the type of tails depends on their length and shape. This tiny sized tail seems adjustable with its body shape.

You may find some long-tailed English Bulldog, but these are very rare. And the reason why they have long tails can be the abnormalities down to their breeding.

However, these doggies are seen with three different types of tails suited to their body. That can be a straight tail or corkscrew tail or rarely seemed wavy tail.

French Bulldog

French Bulldogs are very commonly known as a dog without a long tail. Some may confuse about their cute tails, whether these are cut off or docked. No, these also a result of the early days breeding.

They are born with stumpy tails, screw, or curves shaped tails. Also, these can be very short and straight depends on their body shape and bred. These cute little tails mean their butt is on show in most time.

Why it’s crucial to have a dog without a tail?

Are you looking for a dog without a tail for a fissionable reason? May be or may not!

Whatever it’s indeed a modern trend among most of the dog-fancy. Also, there are some reasons why people want dogs with no tails or a tinny tail.

Some in general-purpose from history to modern trend maybe –

  • Some cut off their doggies to prevent infections that can create sores and other skin issues.
  • To stop the spreading of rabies; It’s a common reason why shepherds used to cut off the doggy tail in the olden days.
  • To prevent the hunting dogs from being injured during the chase and catch.
  • Some specific dogs are believed to feel discomfort for their long tail when they grow old.
  • Most importantly, the cosmetic reasons where dog lovers believe it makes a better look at their dog.

However, your perspective of having a dog with no tail can be another one. It might be more interesting! Right?

Final Verdict

Looking for a dog without a tail is OK only when it’s for a natural born one. It’s probably the best option for puppy lovers who want a fancy looking dog but without any docking.

However, if you are one of them, we hope this article has seemed adequate for finding out what dogs are born without tails.

Have a great day!

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