Ladner Black Mouth Cur | Must-Know Info About This Unique Dog Breed

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When it comes to having a pet, most of us prefer to have a loyal, right breed and cute puppies. We love to go for a walk with it or cuddle it. .

But tell us one thing, won’t it be so good if you have a Ladner black mouth cur who can play with you and at the same time it ensures your security?

We’re pretty sure that you will agree with it. But the fact is we thought that Ladner is a nasty pet due to its mouth or black spot on the face. Well then, let us clear it, there is no such thing. The breed is originated like this.

As we love to have a pet, so here is an overall review about Ladner black mouth cur. We hope this can clear all your confusion, and will stick to your decision to bring it at home.

Ladner Black Mouth Cur

As you know, the breed is developed in the USA. It is an average stature dog with long ears, and the most significant part of the dog is its face.

There is a black patch all over its mouth. You can say it ad an identifying sign for them. There is an 80% chance for Ladner to be a pure breed dog. Also, there are many variations in its breed.

You can differentiate it according to their country of origin. But most of them are known as “worker dogs’.

Hunting and herding are built-in characteristics of them. You won’t see them take rest for a while. They mostly work on farms or in any athletes’ show.

Well, there is the term “Cur” in its name. Cur is mainly used for any mixed breed or mongrel type of dogs. This breed has a macular body, and you may connect the breed with Florida black mouth cur.

History of the origin of Ladner Black Mouth Cur

Okay, don’t be upset. We won’t write anything like a boring history lecture there. Do you know what the surprising fact is?

The black mouth cur is a breed of 18th century, and they are the descendants of European dogs. English Mastiffs is famous as the procedure of the species.

The dogs bred with American canniness and result in the recent black mouth cur, and it is mainly a Multipurpose dog. Black Mouth cur is famous as a watchdog in the USA. Few families use them in farming or as a family dog.


There is an enormous variety of black mouth cur dogs. Each of them appears in different looks.

But in general, Ladner black mouth curs have a square-shaped body with sharp eyes with yellow, green, and honey-colored eyeball.

The athlete’s body- a dog, has a level skull with drop-down long ears. Besides, the breed grows up with a right muscle, and limbs are usually longer than other ones.

Their tails vary from individual to individual. Some have a natural seat, whereas you may find some have slender tails.

Their hair colors are different. You’ll find a few with red, yellow, brown, buckskin,  fawn, etc.

The breed has a black patch in their body, so dogs with black hair are rare and expensive. In 10% of dogs, there is a white patch on the fur.

Heights and weight of black mouth cur

However, There is no hard and fast parameter of Florida’s black mouth curs. They come with an average height and weight.

Usually, female dogs have 40-42 cm height, and their average value is 16 kg. On the other hand, male dogs are 45 cm tall and 18 kg of weight.


Ladner black mouth cur dogs are best for their temperament. They are multipurpose dogs.

From playing with your baby to maintaining your farm, the dog is one of the best options. Due to the courage, this breed was formerly known as a watchdog.

They are a great family friend who never thinks twice about threatening life to save your family From any danger.

Also, they have an excellent defending quality bit; if you don’t want to use them as a watchdog, you need to socialize them.

Though it has friendly behavior, you shouldn’t choose it For your kid as they are stout and moody; they unintentionally hurt kids.

On top of that, if you have little birds, squirrels in your apartment, then be aware. Florida black mouth curs have a high prey drive so that they can be easily aggressive to infants or smaller animals.


Despite being rude, Ladners love to be pampered. If you cuddle them nicely, it will be your fan, and this the fantastic fact about the breed. So you can make the best use of the point.

Try to make a good bonding with your pet; then, they will usually co-operate with you and complete all the tasks, including herding, hunting and guarding, etc.

But don’t expect much obedience without delicate behavior. As they are stubborn and independent, so different forms of training will become a hassle for you. So it’s better to hire professional help while socializing your one. 

If you hire anyone, ensure that the trainers can maintain their dominance during the training session. It is better to choose any professional who can deal with it according to reward basis training.

Research shows that pet animals sensitive to the ‘pack hierarchy’ methods respond very quickly when they get the opposite reaction from the owner.

On the other side, the dog can be arrogant if you pressurize it. Even they can come to bite you when they feel endangered and unstable.

Diseases and health conditions

As we mentioned above, Ladners have an athletes body, so winter or any other germs/ bacteria cant affect them much.

Mainly the breed is originated from healthy ones so that the antibody can prevent severe diseases.

However, in exceptional cases, the breed may have to face  few curable  diseases like:

  • Mange
  • Ear infection
  • Hip dysplasia
  • And random eye infection.

As prevention is better than cure so you must maintain the vaccination process. Don’t neglect it as the dog will be your surroundings, so if you don’t take any precautions, it’s obvious to pay more.

Few black mouth curs react unnaturally to mange. To stop this habit, you should fix a place for sleeping.50% of owners keep them outside of the apartment and beside the kennels.

This Isn’t good for the Florida black mouth cur as they are sensitive, so it can quickly get cold and become sick.

Grooming of Black Mouth Cur

If you want one of the best pets within minimal care, you should go now and buy a Black Mouth Cur puppy.

They are a dog of average maintenance. There is also a piece of good news for you that you don’t need to give a bath or brush its teeth regularly.

So think your winter is going to be relaxing. Just comb their hair with a regular brush, and here it is almost set to go for jogging with you.

If you are a patient of asthma or allergy-like me, buy it without a second thought because black mouth curses have less drooling or shredding tendency. You can even wash them once or twice a week.

However, your Black Mouth Curs can be a jolly let if you take it to the outdoors every afternoon. These dogs love to play in the dirt, mud, water, green grass, and even in the drain.

Sometimes you will find them lying on any waste bin. Don’t restrict them. Allow playing spontaneously. 

But the hygiene matters first, so try cleaning the dirt with an antibacterial liquid and keep in mind that the liquid soap should be sulfate-free; otherwise, the harsh chemical affects its hair. 

Apart from this, trim its nails frequently; otherwise, it can scratch your baby, and make sure that you are cleaning their poop diligently.

Also, it’s better to maintain an extra commode or disposable ceramic pan for this purpose. Make a habit of keeping this poop pan from the first day you bring it at home.

Food habits and life span

Dogs need more protein and fat to survive. On top of that, Lardner black mouth curs are super active dogs with a strong and stout body.

 So they need to eat nutritional food like meat, fish, bone, milk, and so many substantial proteins. And while in winter or excessive heat, don’t forget to give you pet a lot of drinking water.

 In the summer season, they remain aggressive mode due to heat and thirst. So provide it with water at a regular interval. 

The lifespan of an average Florida black mouth cur is about 13 years to 16 years. But if you take proper medication and care, these can easily survive up to 18 years.


Exercise is essential for any breed or pet. Without a high-level activity, the dogs can be idle, and later you won’t remove the impact. 

Black Mouth Cur has a moderate energy level. Don’t think that you will have to send them to the gym.

Just take them to a lovely outdoor place with some yummy food. We think you don’t need anything else to keep your dog for a long time.

 Just a 60-minute outdoor activity is more than enough. But make sure that you won’t interrupt it, whiling their spontaneous movement.  

And we hope you understand that as a flat dweller, you can’t buy this breed. Purchase it if you are living in a large space like a village or any farm house. Otherwise, your dog will be introverted and combusted to mix with other pets or dogs.

But if you have already bought a black cur living in a congested apartment, then nothing to do. Don’t lose heart, you can take it to the rooftop for an evening walk.  

Again you can share toys with your children. It helps to strengthen the bonding between your child and pet. And in the future, the dog won’t be aggressive to your children too.

You can also bring some puzzle cube at home. Please bring one which is mainly the image of another dog. This puzzle-solving game will also sharpen its brain, and it will be able to memorize the unknown faces.


What breeds make up black mouth curs?

This is one of the most asked questions about Lardner black mouth curs. But the query is still unanswered because nobody exactly knows about the breed. 

But observing kits behavior, ABC characteristics specialists assume that this one is mixing European and Asian breeds.

How to find out whether your dog is black mouth cur or not?

The basic answer is that there will be a black patch on their face, And another characteristic is that their ears are comparatively longer, but don’t always think that only a black patch is the identity. In a few dogs, there is a brindle pattern too.

Does the breed live longer?

No, in comparison to it, Australian cattle dogs live longer. A lardner black mouth cur usually lives from 12 to 16 years. 

On the other hand, Australian cattle live more 5han 29 years. They are also super active like black mouth cur.

Final Thoughts

There is a proverb that your best buddy can deceive you, but a slumdog won’t break your trust if you help it once. We don’t have any idea about the proverb’s legitimacy, but dogs are indeed loyal pets.

Yeah, it’s a dilemma that the dog is a bit aggressive and stubborn, but it can adequately train it or handle it, then it will be one of the best pets in life.

But make sure that you have bought it from an authorized shop or if you adopt it, then know the details first. Then bring it at home and enjoy your vacation with the cutest and smart puppy!

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