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The Jack Russell Terrier is one of the most well-liked and affectionate dogs among the pet lovers. It has a unique personality and lovable appearance that makes it stand out from other dogs.

It was first found in England 200 years ago but developed in Australia. This active dog breed has a natural playing style, and it can cope with different ages of people. They are a quick learner and always love to explore by wandering around. They have a great interest and pleasure in exercising and hunting

Everything you should know about Jack Russell Terrier dog breed

If you plan to buy or own this hyper energized breed, you need to know some essential things about it. It is better to have a strong sense of humor, lots of patients, attentive, great supervision when you want to make this hard-working breed your companion. 

Understanding the nature of this dog is the first thing to do. Because it is not a typical dog that will pass all the time sleeping or cuddling in your home. They have hyper energy and want to explore always outside the house. So it is crucial to know their personality and characteristics to train them.


Most of the Jack Russell Terrier puppies weigh only 13 to 17 pounds. They are mostly 10 to 15 inches tall at the shoulder.

Life Span

Jack Russel can live a maximum of 13 to 16 years with proper care and supervision.

Full of Energy

Jack Russell Terrier means full of energy. As we mentioned, they don’t want to stay in one place all day long. Even a single walk in your neighborhood isn’t enough for them. They want to exercise a lot by running

They also love to wander in the home. So make sure to give them proper accommodation at your house. A vast exposed garden is a perfect place for them to exercise and play hard. They will run and sprint off several hours without being tired. 


Though it may sound some craziness but actually it not. Jack Russell Terrier fastidious about their requirements. They have a strong preference over color, food, taste and material. They won’t like everything you choose for them.

Bred to Hunt

Hunting is a personality for Jack Russell Terrier by born. You will notice its energic disposition and friendly interaction when other small dogs or animal comes close to it. 

However, make sure to train them correctly because their fearless nature may lead to an un-favored situation. They are over-protective dogs who always want to protect their owners.

Faithfulness, True-hearted and Full of Fondness

Though they are aggressive and restless in nature, they are still loyal, committed, staunch and devoted dogs.

If you can cope up with their strong personality, they will be a great companion for you. But you need to train them properly to entice the required consciousness and assure their fulfillment.


Jack Russel Terriers tends to bark a lot as they are quite chatty. They don’t like to be silenced all the time. It is one of the important things you should know before owning them.

They frequently bark to communicate with you so that you notice them whenever they want. If you prefer to live in a quiet environment, it isn’t a good idea to let them live in your apartment. However, you can reduce their barking tendency by training them properly.

Attention Seeker

This type of breed always wants to capture attention from the crowd. They always desire to have a companion and prefer to play with other animals. So it is better to give them more time when you are not busy.

They love to meet new folks. Also, they want to experience sound and view in different types of environments. Even if no one surrounds them, they will dig apparition holes or run after shadows to pass their time.

Smart Breed

Just looking at their breeding, running style, and movements will give you an idea of how incredibly smart they are. They are someone who understands your tips, tricks and training quickly.

They are even intelligent enough to use in a circus or any show. You can train them to adjust to a new environment and recognize patterns to prevent their babyish behavior. Even when you are busy with your work, they will not disturb you if you manage to train them correctly.


We all know that health is wealth, and it is also true for animals. Most of Jack Russell Terrier Dog Breeds are healthy, but it is still better to regularly check up their health whether they are having any problem. 

You may not be able to notice some health issues as these problems are only noticeable only when they are matured.

Different types of diseases can affect Jack Russell Terriers, such as legg-calve-perthes disease, deafness, patellar luxation, glaucoma, lens luxation. Some diseases are treatable, while others aren’t treatable. You need to inspect your pet regularly to notice any kind of abnormality. 


It is better to take care of this dog breed properly to lead a healthy balanced life like humans being. Jack Russell Terrier needs a fenced yard when it lives indoor. It will burn off its energy by accessing the fenced yard.

Their favorite toys are Rope Bones, towels, tennis balls and Teething Rings. They chew a lot of things whenever they feel bore. Teething Rings is a good toy that will clean this breed’s teeth while chewing them.


Your breed will eat different kinds of foods like meat-based proteins, grain-free wet dog food, etc. However, a few of them will be his most favorite. A tasty and beefy dog food like Cesar Canine Cuisine is their top choice.

Foods like chocolate, grapes, chewing gum, onion, garlic, raisins are not suitable for them. They can also eat raw meat. But it is better not to give them on a regular basis as it may hamper their health.


Jack Russell Terriers need to be groomed regularly as they play hard and actively number of hours. Use a soft brush to clean their body, and you can also use puppy shampoo to wash off all the dust from their body. Most of the breeds shed a lot. So it is better to groom them weekly to give them a perfect look. 

A Comfortable Place to Rest

Since Jack Russells Terrier actively plays several hours without resting, they need a pleasant and comfortable sleep place. You can choose their location in the corner of your room where they can rest of their own without feeling disturbance.

The type of bed this breed like maybe a little bit tricky as you won’t know they get older. Some breeds may prefer to have a blanket on their couches, while others may don’t want it. Before choosing a bed for them, you need to consider the frequency of wear and tear down of it. No matter which type of bed you choose, it should be soft, comfortable, cuddling type and easy to clean.


This breed knows about their regular schedule like their mealtime, sleeping time and even what day it is. They also understand what their owners do and when will they come home or go out. They will catch the difference even if you slightly change the routine because they know their masters very well.

Final Verdict

Once you know your Jack Russell Terrier Dog Breed likes and dislikes, it is easy for you to train and live with him. Just showing affection towards them will not be enough for them. You need to create a healthy and friendly environment for them so that they will not feel any boredom and can play actively with more energy.

It is also essential to choose the right foods and perfect bed to provide maximum comfort. Spend a lot of time to make your breed loyal to you and make them well-behaved by training them efficiently. Hopefully, now you have a clear idea about everything you should know for Jack Russell Terrier Dog Breed. Choose a beautiful breed to make your life beautiful.

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