How To Trim A Dog Using Clippers As Well As Scissors? Best Tips

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Dogs are no doubt, one of mans’ oldest and most loyal friends so much so that they are now family. Taking care of these furry friends of yours might be quite hard, especially if this is your first dog. Keeping your dog neat and trim might pose as an issue, especially when your furry friend now looks like a fur ball and has its hair all over your home. This can be quite frustrating and also challenging.

Going to the professional groomers to get your dog a haircut might be a bit demanding for you, financially and all also time-wise. You probably want to know how you can trim your dog correctly, just the way you want and when you want to without having to spend so much. This article contains all you need to know about how to trim a dog, when and with what.

Don’t Start Trimming Yet

Before trimming your dog, there a few things you need to know and also do.  Perfect preparation before trimming is the best way you can achieve the result you want. To give your dog that perfect trim and like a professional, here a few things you need to know and also do

Find out your Dogs Hair Type

You definitely need to know this before giving your dog a trim. Dogs just like we humans have different hair types, and this would determine how you should trim your dog’s hair. Your dog’s hair could be short like that of a pit bull, curly like a poodles’, long like the Yorkshire.

Tools you need

After determining the type of hair or coat your dog has, this would guide you to the kind of materials you need and also the type of cut. Some materials you might likely need are your shampoo, conditioner, clippers or scissors, dryer, brush and so on. The products you would need differ, and so if you need to ask advice, it is necessary you do.

What Does Your Dog Look Like Normally?

You definitely do not want to trim a Yorkshire’s hair and have it look like a pit bull. Make sure you have a picture of your dog or from the web, showing what your dog looks like, so it can guide you.

Clippers or Scissors

The type and length of your dog’s hair would play a significant role in determining which of the tools to use. You also need to consider how much hair you want to take off and also how good you are with either of these tools.

Using a Clipper for a Dogs Hair

Can you cut your dog’s hair with human clippers? Of course, you can. But, it is advisable to use professional dog clippers because they are much more comfortable for your dog, easier to use and do the job even faster. Human clippers because of its feature might not give you the desired result you want and might leave you with an uneven haircut. Although your dog’s clippers are more expensive than human clippers, they are much better to use, because they fit the purpose better and also offer more choices on the length of the blade needed.

Clippers are much more suitable for short-haired dogs, but can also be used for long-haired dogs, but with a bit more caution. They are also ideal for owners who think they can do a perfect job without jittering. For a nice cut

  • Make sure to wash your dog up and brush its hair to detangle and also remove clumps of hair, which may be dead. Doing this would prevent the clipper from getting tangled up.
  • While working, ensure to take one side at a time, for uniformity. Work your way from its back to its leg, and then repeat this on the second side.
  • Slow and steady wins the race. Take your time and cautiously trim to avoid making lines. Being fast and rough would make your dog very nervous and uncomfortable.
  • Make sure to hold your dog in place and also gently. Do this when you are trimming delicate areas. While doing this, talk to your dog to keep it calm.
  • How do you cut around tricky places like their eyes and paws? To do this, you would need a clipper. A straight edged and round ended scissors would do just great for this job.  If hair is across the top of the eyes, brush the fur first, and then you would need to cut from the side in a straight line just across, staying as far as you can from the eyes. From the corners, a thinning shear would do, by letting it lay flatly and carefully trimming it. For the paws, lay your dog down, carefully bend its legs, then using straight edged scissors, and cut the fur till it’s on the same level with the dog’s pads. Be very careful as your dog might move and disrupt the process. Every sensitive area should be trimmed with caution.

How can you trim a long-haired dog with clippers? The steps above do not just apply to short-haired dogs, but also long-haired dogs. The major issues, you might face are tangled, or matted hair, which you can solve be brushing or easing it with your fingers.

Using a Scissors to trim your Dog’s Hair

Scissors are much more suitable for long-haired dogs because they are more comfortable to use and make the cutting process hitch free. They are better to apply for a long-haired dog compared to a clipper especially when all you want to do is trim. Although the whole process is not much different from using a clipper, there are few things you need to take note of.

  • The type of scissors you need varies depending on the kind of cutting you want to do. It is imperative to choose carefully and also make sure that the types of required scissors are made readily available. Some examples of scissors you would need are the straight scissors, curved scissors, thinning shears ad rounded tip scissors.
  • Before you do any cutting or trimming, it is essential to have a picture of what you want, how short or how long you want the hair. After this, use your fingers as a guide to get an even and uniform coat.
  • Start with one side at a time and also from front to back. Make sure to leave out sensitive and tricky areas, for later
  • While cutting, regions that are matted, tangled or prone to any of these should be worked on, using a thinning shear.
  • It is essential to be cautious while cutting and always make sure the scissors tip isn’t facing your dog’s skin directly to avoid injuries.
  • For dogs with thick and long coats, it might be hard to determine the space between its skin and hair. If you want your dog’s hair long, then it is important, you use a comb to decide how close you are and also use it as a barrier.

To get an even and uniform haircut, it is necessary that you trim one side at a time, using your fingers and eyes as a guide. Also make sure your dog is kept in place, to avoid any jittering and injuries or mistakes.

Giving your dog a befitting trim isn’t hard work if you’re very confident and sure of the steps to take. Make sure to follow the necessary steps and also ensure that your dog is calm is relaxed in other to get your desired result. While trimming sensitive areas like its paws, tails, eyes and nose, make sure to move slowly and carefully as your dog might get a bit nervous and cause a whole lot of problems.

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