How to Kayak With a Dog | Must Read to Get It Done Perfectly

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We all know what a kayak is. A kayak is a narrow and little watercraft paddled by a double-bladed paddle, mainly an entertainment source on a hot summer day! But do you know that you can kayak with your beloved dog also? People are mostly unaware of this.

People often say that you can go on a walk or a hike or a camping trip with your dog. But the truth is you can also kayak with your dog on a hot summer day whether he/she likes water or not. So, it’s the time of knowing how to kayak with a dog!

6 Types of Things to kayak with Your Dog

There are a few things that are mandatory to follow if you want to have the best kayaking experience with your dog. We researched them as an expert in this category & found out the best solutions. So, you are going to see things you should know.

Ensuring the fitness of your dog

It is a fact that we cannot deny that your dog’s wellbeing comes first, and it is the first step. If your dog suffers from any diseases like arthritis, vision impairment, hearing loss, or cardiac issues, you will need to consider them carefully before taking them on a kayak with you.

The weather and temperature also make differences in their health. It can be different out on the water, so you need to ensure that your dog is healthy enough to cope with the environment. You should consult your vet before introducing your dog to kayaking. That will be helpful for him or her.

Making your dog familiar with a kayak

Kayaking with your dog is not a project or just an entertainment purpose. So, before going on a tour, you have to get your dog used to the kayak. The kayak is often utterly unknown to dogs.

Firstly just put the kayak on the ground and let your dog explore it by himself or herself. If the kayak doesn’t interest your dog at first, you should help him or her with some food.

It is best to put the food or treat on the seat so that your dog thinks of the seat as something positive right from the start. This easy first step will help you to make the dog familiar with the kayak. And it will also help to make your first tour a lot easier.

Training your dog to sit on a kayak

In the next step, you need to teach your dog to get in the kayak. You need to ensure that your dog is getting on the kayak while it is on dry land. Then you will have to hold the kayak still, so it doesn’t rock.

If your dog is trained to take commands like, “Sit, up, walk, run,” then it will be easy for you to make him or her sit on the kayak. Give him or her command to get into the kayak, call him or get into the kayak for sitting with you. Whenever your dog follows your command and jumps to the kayak, give him or her a treat.

Finding the perfect type of kayak

Dogs come in many shapes and sizes. You need to make sure that you have a kayak that is perfectly sized to fit you comfortably. The kayak should be this big that your dog can be safely tucked away in case of rough waters.

It would be best if you chose a kayak based on your dog’s nature. If your dog gets easily excited, then you might need space where he or she can sit between your legs. And that will help you to grab him or her quickly if it goes to rush off. On the contrary, if your dog is calm enough, he or she might like to sit or lounge around on the kayak.

Taking a friend along

Don’t take your dog out when you’re alone. Take a friend with you in case of some emergency help. Some dogs can get very nervous or get frightened on the kayak, so your friend can help you as a tandem kayak team to keep the dog calm until the kayak is finished.

But if you go alone and your dog gets nervous or frightened, then it will be so tough to handle him or her along with the kayak. So, why should we take risks? It’s better to take a friend along when going on a kayak with your dog because it helps to maintain the kayak and also the dog.

Bringing Dog Accessories

You need to bring some of your dog’s accessories while going on a kayak with your dog. But that does not mean that you need to bring thousands of toys or excessive amounts of food. But there are a few essentials that you need to take care of.

  • PFD or Personal Floatation Device- Unfortunately, dogs can be drowned sometimes as humans, and it doesn’t even matter how good a swimmer they are! So, you have to ensure that your dog has a PDF or life jacket on.
  • Collar & Harness – Your dog can fall overboard. Then it will be more comfortable and quicker to pull him or her back by pulling the harness.
  • A Leash – A leash is strictly needed for when you will be on dry land. It would help if you never tied your dog to the boat. It can be disastrous sometimes.
  • Food and water- If you are out for an extended period, then you both will need food and water, especially your dog.

Last Minute Lucky 7 Suggestions

The following few last-minute suggestions that might change the experience dramatically-

1) Think carefully about your dog’s breed, size & personality to pick your kayak perfectly.

2) Start slowly training and preparing him or her by making familiar with the kayak and the necessary commands.

3) Do not forget to pack a PFD or a dog life jacket, harness, leash, sun cream, water & food, toys, and some treats.

4) Stick to calm waters – Firstly, stick to the calm waters and don’t go to rapid waters. This can make your dog unpleased and uncomfortable.   

5) You should take him or her to the vet and check him or her before heading out for the tour.

6) You should use treats for training and reinforcing good behavior. And you can also use these on the kayak to make him or her pleased.

7) Remember! Your furry friend needs to be obedient and able to follow your commands because that will help have a better and more relaxing experience.

Final Insight

Kayaking is an excellent way of relaxing yourself. It will be more enjoyable with your dog also. And your dog can also find it a very relaxing and enjoyable activity. But, without preparation and careful consideration, you could be in some problems. To kayak with your dog, it will be very easy if your dog has proper obedience training.

Then he or she will do well in a kayak. Your dog should know some basic commands that are related to kayaking. So before heading out on a kayak with your beloved furry friend, you should read the article and get to know the tips and suggestions on “How to Kayak with a dog.” It will help you and your dog to have a pleasant and relaxing tour. Happy Kayaking!

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