How to Calm a Jack Russell Terrier | A Grooming Guide for Jack Russell

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Jack Russell Terrier has developed in England over 200 years ago, and they are also known as Parson Russell Terrier. They were used for hunting foxes, and they were good at it. These dogs are clever, lively as well as independent.

They are both affectionate and charming. But it is not so easy to train them. Managing them is one of the tricky jobs that the dog owner may have. They are very energetic and can get angry anytime. So it is a must to find out the best possible ways to calm the Jack Russell Terrier.

If you can train them well also if you can manage the dog properly, they will become a loyal and loving friend of your life. Our article will help you in all the possible ways and answer the question of how to calm your Jack Russell Terrier elaborately.

Is Your Jack Russell so Hyper? Why So?

It is not so difficult to understand why Jack Russells usually be so hyper. Jack Russells are mainly good at hunting. As we have already said, they were used for hunting foxes previously. They are known for bravery and agility. They have a strong will to work, and they are very clever. A lot of energy is needed to hunt. So, Jack Russell being so energetic can be way too hyper, and it is obvious to learn how to calm them.

How to Calm a Jack Russell Terrier?

As you already know why your Jack Russell is so hyper, so you are probably looking for some instructions to make them calm. The basic ways of making your Jack Russell calm are to provide physical and mental exercise regularly.

However, if you learn it properly, then it will seem so easy for you to calm your Jack Russell. Besides providing mental and physical exercise, you should also take care of some other things such as you should not encourage hyper behavior, and if none of these work, then you can also consider their diet.

Physical Exercise

As an owner, you should make sure that you provide regular physical exercise. Because lack of regular exercise may be one of the reasons for your Jack Russell’s hyperness. There is no reason to think that small dogs don’t need much exercise.

As these dogs are hunters, so they need proper physical exercise. Because they need consistent energy. So when there is any lack of energy, they will feel hyper. However, there are various ways to exercise your Jack Russell.

To burn the energy of the dog, you can let it do fetch. Fetch is beneficial in many ways. 1stly, it allows the dog to sprint back and forward, and it is fantastic for the dog. It burns energy quickly. It works great to calm them. Only 20 long and short sprints are a great cardiovascular activity, and it burns the energy and makes Jack Russell calm quickly.

Besides, it is truly reliable. It doesn’t need a big space. Your Jack Russell can learn to chase in a little space like a small garden. The dog will also love it. Fetching will also relax them to be mentally engaged. Moreover, they also love to chase small moving objects.

Apart from fetch, you can also try running, courses, agility, resistance walking, cycling, swimming, hill walking, etc. You can choose any of them. But you will have to make sure that they give at least one hour dedicatedly to exercise daily.

Mental Exercise

Along with physical exercise, your Jack Russell needs mental stimulation as well. If you do not provide the necessary mental stimulation, your dog will not respect you. Because of not having a proper mental engagement, your dog can be turned into a destructive dog.

It will become hyper and aggressive. Playing with your dog and providing proper training will help a lot to have them mentally exercised. You can follow a weekly training schedule. It should be short and consistent. You don’t need to be strict like an army general for that. Besides training, you can play with your Jack Russell. Fetch, Frisbee, etc. are a good choice.

Demotivating Hyper Behavior

This is one of the main ways to maintain the hyper behavior of Jack Russell Terrier. As an owner, you should never encourage them to their hyper behavior. Jack Russell Terrier loves to be praised by his owner. You can praise your dog and tell things like, and you are a good boy.

Whenever you will find your dog doing the right things, appreciate it, try to be friendly, and avoid encouraging hyper behavior. You can laugh towards it and encourage it often. It will help it to remain calm. You should also avoid giving it attention whenever it gets angry. Thus, they will learn that being hyper is good. So just ignore them whenever you find them being hyper.


If none of these work then you take care of its diet. The diet you provide your Jack Russell can put a dramatic impact on the dog’s energy. Some foods can be the reason for your dog’s hyper behavior. Chemicals, colorings, coatings, and sugars should not be in your dog’s food list. These additives may lead to hyper behavior in dogs. The food-list your Jack Russell should have:

  • Bananas
  • Mango
  • Peas
  • Carrots
  • Celery
  • Apples
  • Strawberries
  • Green Beans
  • Blueberries
  • And so many others.

Final Words

Dogs are always loyal to their owner. If you can train them properly, they will become your best buddy. They will be protective enough towards you every time. They are the most hyper among all other dogs. But with the change of age, they become calm automatically. But of course, you are not going to get your Jack Russell Terrier at its old age.

So from the very beginning, you need to learn all the things that make your Jack Russell Terrier calm whenever it gets calm. So if the question arises about how to calm your Jack Russell Terrier, this article might help you in all the ways.

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