How Often to Bathe a Dog | A Complete Guide for you

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One of the most curious subjects for most dog owners is how often to bathe a dog. This is very understandable because our dogs are a part of our lives and families. Most times, they share our homes and even sleep on our beds.

Obviously, if your pet is not clean your health too will be affected negatively, and this why it is essential to maintain your dog’s hygiene. So, how often should you wash your puppy? This article is going to teach you just that. Grab a chair, relax and keep reading with PetscareHQ.

Why do You Need to Bathe Your Dog in the first place?

Right before we go ahead and tell you how often to bathe your dog, you need to understand why it is necessary to bathe your dog. We wash our dogs to keep them in good health. By arranging a flea bath for dogs, you can help prevent irritation and infection on them

You should also bathe your pet to remove all the unpleasant odor and smells that it has accumulated on its coat. You don’t want your pet to walk into your room or cuddle it close and be attacked by a foul smell, do you?

How Often Do You Bathe a Dog?

No matter what kind of dog you own, the frequency of bathing it is hinged on a lot of factors. These are the factors that determine what your dog’s wash routine should be like.

Breed: Some certain breeds of dog can actually go for a long time without a bath; others can’t.

Dog’s health: The dog’s health too can help decide how many times your pet needs to be bathed. Your veterinarian may suggest a routine for you if he or she discovers that the dog is suffering from some health issues.

Activity level:  Do you own a dog that is always up and doing? While a pet that spends a lot of time indoors will stay clean, one that spends most of its time digging holes and rubbing in mud outside won’t.

Dog’s hair length: Many times, dogs with long hair can easily trap dirt than those with short hair. So if your pup has long hair, you might need to bathe it more frequently to get rid of all the debris. However, some hairless breeds too might need frequent baths.

Allergies and skin conditions:

A dog with allergies or other skin conditions will usually need to be bathed either more often or less often than a dog which doesn’t. The best thing is to consult your veterinary doctor for professional advice

The American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals has advised that dog owners bathe their dogs a minimum of 1 time every 3 months. More specifically, once a month works for long-haired dogs, Medium-haired dog should wash every four to six weeks, while short-haired dogs need bathing once every six to eight week.

Washing your dog more or less often than is advised could come with repercussions. Nevertheless, you still need to put your judgment to use when deciding. There are some signs that you dogs exhibits which tells you your furry friend needs a proper washing. These cues are listed below.

Does Your Dog smell?

When it comes to dogs and their general hygiene, it is an easy rule of thumb to bathe your canine companion when it starts to get unusually smelly.

According to Mari Rozanski, of Plush Pups Boutique, “If you can smell your dog when he comes into the room, then he needs a bath. Always start with the body before you wash the head, as dogs will shake their heads once it is wet.”

What is the state of your dog’s skin?

You definitely need to pay attention to your dog’s skin if you want to know when to bathe it. If your pet’s skin is drier than it should be, then you know you’ve been bathing it too often. Maybe you’re thinking “I never bathe my dog” or “I bathe my dog every day, is that harmful to my dog? Very likely.

You should have good reasons for bathing your dog or might just end up making its skin dry and causing some serious skin issues to it.

Robert Hilton, a veterinarian, practicing in the field of veterinary dermatology, asserts that “Generally, dogs are bathed more than they need to be,” for him “healthy dogs only need to be bathed if they smell. Otherwise, there is no reason to unless when they are dirty.

When your dog has any skin condition, your veterinarian will recommend a medicinal shampoo and instruct you on when to give your furry friend a good wash. Ensure you follow all the directions you receive from the doctor, especially when using the recommended shampoo.

What is the professional saying?

Professional groomers have the knowledge you’re searching for when it comes to grooming dogs, irrespective of their breeds. It is needless to say that the expert can help you understand the best wash routine for your pet. Do well to consult one and get advised.

Tips on Washing Your Dog

•    Brush your dog thoroughly before bathing it.

•    Make use of warm water.

•    Buy appropriate dog shampoo.

•    Sooth and reassure your pet while washing it.

•    Rinse your pup well.

•    Adequately air-dry it.

•    Appreciate your dog with a befitting reward.


At what Age Can You Bath a Puppy?

A puppy is old enough to receive a bath once it is 6 weeks old. However, you can do this only when it needs it. Bath your pup in a sink or tub when the weather is cold. In warm weather, you can bathe it outside.

Can I Bathe My Dog Twice week?

Though once every three months is the recommended frequency, if you’re using a mild shampoo, bathing your dog twice a week shouldn’t cause any harm. However, you might want to check with your vet first.

Do You Bath a Dog Before Grooming?

Not necessary.  You can groom your dog before bathing it. The pet is also more relaxed then and likely to cooperate with you. It can also help relax the dog before it gets washed.

What Happens if You Don’t Bathe Your Dog?

You’ll likely have to deal with a smelly and unhealthy dog. Besides, you and your family will be at risk because the dog can easily contaminate your home and leave dirt everywhere.

As an attentive pet owner, figuring out a wash routine for your furry friend shouldn’t be too hard a task, especially as you’ve read this article. Just know that bathing your dog gives you ample option to examine its body and ensure that all is well

Do you want a healthier and cleaner dog? Study the tips provided here and make sure to use them the next time you’re with your dog. Add a chunk of love to your bath routines, and your pup won’t be able to resist!

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