How Much Does It Cost to Euthanize a Cat? | Cost and Necessary Tips

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What is Euthanasia? 

No one wants to say goodbye to their pet cats!  Euthanizing a cat can be a very complex process. It’s not an easy job to do for both the owner and the veteran. Euthanasia is the deliberate act of ending life. After listing this process everyone thinks “How Much Does It Cost to Euthanize a Cat?”.

When a cat is too sick to live, they are put to sleep for eternity. This process is done to put an end to their suffering from any incurable sickness. Euthanasia is a legal process in some countries. It’s only done to keep a living being from physical sickness which cannot be cured.

Costly and Painful!! 

A cat tends to be a very loving pet of its owners. They are too cute to keep eyes off of them. Their amazingly weird behavior works as a plus. But sometimes it’s time to put them to sleep forever. 

The process of ending their life in a painless way is called Euthanizing a cat. It may not be hard for the cat but life wrenching pain is felt by its owner as he knows that his cat is dying. 

So it can be said it’s a painful process for its owners, not the cat. It’s both tragic and a little bit costly for the owner. The cat is set free without any major pain.

Two Shots to Say Goodbye !

To euthanize a cat, generally two shots are given first by the veteran. The first shot is Sedative. So that the cat feels less pain while passing away. 

This process can take up to 10 minutes. It will help the cat to sleep deeper and deeper as time passes. The cat will reach a place where it will lose its conscience. When the owner is ready the second shot will be given.

The Second shot is commonly known as pentobarbital. It is the final drug to end the process. It is another anesthetic that will cause the pet’s heart to slow. Eventually within 15 minutes almost its heart beat will stop. These two drugs are mainly used by the veterans to complete the process.

Very Quick Process!!

The timing to complete the process may vary. The injection can be given in two ways. It can be given intravenously. In this way the pet will die immediately. The other process takes a little bit longer. The injection can be given directly into the abdomen. 

If this process is followed then the pet may take up to 15 minutes. Whichever process is followed, the pet won’t feel any pain. It will feel just the pain of pinch of the first injection that’s all. That’s the reason euthanizing is followed by many.

Conditions of Euthanasia

Deciding when to perform euthanasia depends on some conditions. First the health condition of the pet is to be noticed. If the pet cat is sick or not and if the sickness is curable or not. The behavior of the pet is also necessary. 

Some sickness makes the pet cats unable to move completely. Though cats are very energetic. Sometimes the sickness makes the cats unable to stand even. They become unlikely to eat or make noises. They sleep all day and barely keep their eyes open. These are the indicators that it’s time to set them free.

Financial Preparation

Another condition is the current financial condition of the family owning the pet cat. If the family has the ability to keep up with the healthcare of their pet cat then they can look for better treatment for their cat. If the family is unable to arrange more money for further treatment of the cat then they can make the decision of euthanizing the cat. 

The cat is unable to tell its physical suffering. The symptoms will speak for it. The family will have to carefully observe the physical condition of the cat. The physical condition of the cat will help to determine the family whether it’s the right time or not.

What Does Your Veteran Suggest?

Veteran’s opinion is most important while taking the decision of euthanizing a cat. Veterans will be able to tell if there’s any cure for the cat or not. If the cat is having a sickness which is impossible to cure then the financial condition of the family won’t even be an issue. 

If there’s any possibility to get a cure for the cat then the decision must be taken by the family if they are settling their mind on euthanizing the cat and setting it free from the pain.

Selecting the Place for Euthanasia is Vital

Taking a sick cat or pet to the veteran can be painful for the pet. It’s better not to make them move. It’s better to complete the process at home if the veteran agrees to come. It will be a better place for the cat to be in while they are leaving for good. 

The environment will be comfortable as well. Though the veteran might charge more but it will be more suitable for the pet cat.

Everyone Needs to Be Mentally Prepared Too!!

The family must be emotionally strong to let this process happen. The children especially must be understood that euthanizing a cat is the best choice for them right now. As they love their cat, they must not allow it to suffer. 

They should be prepared mentally otherwise it will be shattering for them. As the pain of euthanizing a cat is not felt by the pet cat but the owning family of the cat. It’s not easy for the veteran as well. Though they are used to doing it, it’s saddening for them too.

How Much Does It Cost to Euthanize a Cat Around the Globe?

It’s surprising to know that some veterans might do the euthanizing cat for free. They only charge for cremation of the cat. But most veterans have a price list for euthanizing cats or other pets. 

Generally euthanizing a cat or any other pet takes a certain amount of money. It may vary depending on the place. Any local animal shelter may be able to complete the procedure within $100. A veteran might charge around $500. 

This expenditure includes additional services like returning pet’s ashes in a special wooden box. If the veteran comes to home to perform the euthanasia it costs between $295 and $400. 

In the UK it will take £30 to have them euthanized at the vets and £60 for a home visit. In Canada, it will take around $95.00 excluding the cost of cremation. In Australia, pet euthanasia can cost around $100-$300.

A BIG Loss

The cost for euthanasia may vary around the globe but the emotional cost is unbound regardless of the place. May all pets live a happy life till they die!

Final Words

It’s really difficult to bear the loss of your pet and it will take time to replace the empty space. You know, it’s kind of impossible matter to replace that space. However, like every mortal thing in this world, we are to say goodbye to our beloved cat as well. To do it in a peaceful way, you could follow this process.

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