How Long Can A Dog Go Without Water? Best Guide Ever

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Like any other living individual, dogs cannot survive without water. It is needless to say water is life and it doesn’t apply only to humans. If you own a dog you may want to be there for these cuddly creations always but that’s impossible. Also you may have concerns about stray dogs as well.  Now if dogs can’t live without water like us, how long can a dog go without water?

Why You Should Care

A dog reminds you of words like faithful, intelligent and strong. But not only are they known for their loyalty & strength but also because of their humble nature. They can be an amazing buddy and they are kind & playful towards children as well.

But sadly this wonderful creation of Almighty faces cruelty from people every now and then. Especially stray dogs have to face barbarity almost every day. That’s why it’s necessary to know how long a dog can go without consuming water.

Time Span of Survival of Dogs

Research shows that dogs can survive three days without drinking water. But this time span can vary depending on their genetic makeup, weather, breed and the activity level of each individual dog. Even the healthiest dog will get weak if they are deprived of water for more than three days. But for some breeds two days are enough to see the end.

Interesting Facts About Dogs

An interesting fact about dogs is that their body consists of almost 80% of water which is higher than the human body. Our body consists of 65-70% of water on average. But if they lose 10% of the water from their body, it’ll cause them dehydration just like us. Another significant information is that a dog needs at least half an ounce of water per pound of body weight.

Causes of Dehydration

The dogs who are ill can suffer from dehydration even if the weather is cold. But the prime cause is that water is not available near them. It can happen when a dog is ignored & left alone.

Then factors such as weather conditions can be an important cause as generally it gets hot in summer. However a pet dog may get immediate treatment if dehydration is noticed but street dogs are often neglected.

Importance of Preventing Dehydration

Dehydration is the state where a dog loses more water than he is taking in and it causes serious damage to a dog’s health. So hydration is very important. Few reasons to consume more water & prevent dehydration are mentioned below-

1. Water transports important nutrients in and out of the cells.

2. Without it, a dog will be worn-out and lethargic.

3. It additionally helps in digesting food

4. It helps to absorb nutrients from food

5. It protects important organs like kidney,liver etc

6. It supports their joints

7. It keeps them refreshed both mentally & physically. 8. Lastly, it helps to balance the body temperature of dogs.

Warning Signs of Dehydration in Dogs

Identifying & understanding the warning signs of dehydration can make it easier to respond more effectively and  it might save your dog’s life as well. Dehydration in dogs can be tracked through many symptoms. Like-

Extreme Panting

Many people are not aware of the fact that dogs don’t sweat. They express their thirst by panting excessively. It’s one of the earliest signs from a dog to show that they are in need of water. So to prevent dehydration people should notice this sign.

Dry Nose & Gums

A healthy dog has moist nose & gums. If the nose & gums seem noticeably dry then you must beware because it’s not normal. Their gums & nose must be wet & nice otherwise it’s a sign of dehydration.

Reduced Appetite

If a dog is dehydrated then he will struggle to swallow food and will also face difficulty in digesting foods. Any kind of unusual behavior like uncharacteristically showing apathy towards food and showing less interest in their favorite foods , should be monitored & noted to prevent serious issues.


Dehydration causes a reduction in dog strength. There is less blood circulating into their muscles, which affects the strength levels of their bodies. As a consequence, a typically energetic dog is atypically lethargic.

Sunken Eyes

A dog’s eyes look sunken if they are suffering from illness. Dehydration can also cause this and it signals trouble in body organs. In certain breeds it’s normal to have sunken eyes like french bulldog, boston terrier, shih tzu etc. but we have to notice if it’s abnormally lowered or not.

Skin Condition

A dog suffering from dehydration loses its skin’s elasticity. We can measure it by pulling a dog’s neck or other skin areas. If the skin takes time to get back into normal condition, there is a high chance that he is devoid of water.

Actions to Prevent Dehydration in Dogs

In order to avoid dehydration,here are some measures you can take –

  • Keep your dog cool not just with water but also with proper ventilation.
  • If you leave your dogs alone, you can manage a self-filling water dispenser.
  • Water dispensers for street dogs can be built as well by the animal care organizations.
  • Don’t provide impure water to dogs, clean water is crucial.
  • If dehydration is already noticed, make sure they get adequate medical treatment.
  • Sometimes, you need to give the bland diet to your dog.

Surviving doesn’t mean good health. Our lovely furry friend should be provided with the necessary amount of water on a daily basis. They may go three days straight without any access to water but it’ll weaken their health system.

If the dog has access to wet food it may increase the number of days of survival but when the weather around them is hot, wet food won’t help.  So as a responsible human being we must ensure that our pet dogs & also street dogs around us don’t stay thirsty & helpless. Every living being deserves care.

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