How Do You Brush a Maltipoo Hair? Here is The Best Grooming Guide

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Are you concerned about Maltipoo’s grooming? Not finding the perfect way? Or want to start making your dog looking so great? Don’t worry; we have all the solutions & tips for you. Today you will know about how you brush a Maltipoo hair. We will cover all the details & tips for making your Maltipoo look the best one ever. So, why are we waiting? Let’s start.

Thing You Should Know First

Maltipoos are not of those dog breeds that love to seek out and roll around in yucky things. Maltipoos like to be clean. These little pups need brushing and grooming regularly to keep a healthy, mat-free, tangle-free coat. So, you have to consider these things before proceeding.

Maltipoos Fur Type

Maltipoos inherit a low non-shedding coat from both parent dogs. But the interesting fact is both parent dogs do shed hair and the hair gets caught by their coat. Similar things also happen with the Maltipoo. And the trapped shes hair never falls to the ground. Trapped hairs may cause so much tangle and mats. So brushing and grooming regularly is important.

Grooming Tasks

Let’s start with a question that do Multipoos need grooming regularly? The answer will be yes; they need it regularly. If you have a Maltipoo baby then you need to brush your pup at home at least twice a week. Regular brushing ensures the deforming of mats and tangles. You can also take care of some regular grooming tasks at home along with brushing. Now it comes down to the question what are those grooming tasks? We have made a list for showing you the tasks.

Tools to Use

As you are going to brush or groom your beloved Maltipoo regularly you need some tools. Because you cannot use human tools for dogs. What are the tools then? There is a list of some high rated and popular Maltipoo grooming tools. These will help you to brush and groom the pup easily.

  •  Detangling Spray: This spray helps to weaken the tangles on the coat and make it easier and painless to detangle.
  • Pin and Bristle Brush: This brush is very helpful for the Maltipoos that have a thinner, finer, straight coat. The pin side of this is to do the initial brush-through. And the bristle side is for adding l smoothness and shine to the coat!
  • Slicker Brush: These brushes are so helpful for Maltipoos with thick hair to remove trapped shed hair from the coat.
  • Stainless Steel Comb: You need a comb single-sided or double-sided according to your pup’s size.
  • Toenail Clippers: Nail Trimmer is of great use. It helps you to clip the toenails of your pup easily.
  • Trimming Scissors: There are two sizes of trimming scissors. You need to choose it according to your Maltipoo’s size.

Brushing and Grooming Procedure

How to start the brushing or grooming procedure? The best way to start basic brushing and grooming for your Maltipoo is to follow some easy steps.

Step 1: Spraying some detangling spray onto your brush. Then start brushing slow and steadily.

Step 2: Try to brush your pup with a pin and bristle brush or with a slicker brush.

The slicker one is for Poodle influenced coats. The pin and bristle brush are for Maltese influenced coats. Start from the level of the skin and brush your way out to the ends. Separate the coats in sections and brush these out.

Step 3: Next, take a two-sided stainless steel comb and continue the brushing.

This helps to groom larger areas of your pup’s body and then also the smaller areas.

Step 4: Lastly the additional basic grooming tasks. You need to learn how to clip your pup’s toenails, remove tear stains, etc to perform these additional tasks.

Additional Grooming Tasks

Bathing: Your Maltipoo shouldn’t have baths more frequently than once per month. Frequent bathing can lead to skin dryness and irritation. What are the procedures to bath Maltipoo? Firstly, you need to select a shampoo specifically formulated for dogs.

After your pup gets wet, start to rub the shampoo in the coat. Then nicely rub the coat to clean this up from any dirt. Be careful about not getting the shampoo in your pup’s eye. Next, give him a good shower and clean all the shampoo with water. Lastly, dry it off with the help of a towel and hairdryer. 

Cleaning Tear Stain: Tear staining is a result of watering eyes.  What is the reason behind watering eyes? This breed can suffer from several eye diseases. And some of them can cause watering eyes. Tear stains turn the coat into a reddish, or brownish color around the face.

You need to clean it up with the product which is made for this. You should contact your veterinarian or a professional groomer to know the best and safest products to remove tear stains.

Last Moment Suggestion

We know that you love your Maltipoo and want to keep him clean and healthy. We wrote the details about the procedure, tools to brush your pup at home. But, it is quite hard to be focused on the details. For this, we are providing some short suggestions for your ease.

  • Knowing the procedure: Firstly you need to know about the procedure of brushing a Maltipoo. Otherwise, you will fail to do it properly.
  • Having tools: You need to have grooming or brushing tools. Like, brushes, spray, shampoo, brush, comb, etc.
  • Discussing with the vet and groomer: You need to see your vet or groomer to ensure the exact products to use on your pup. They will provide you the perfect procedure of brushing or grooming.

Final Insight

As a dog owner, you always need to get the perfect information about your pup. We are always providing you with the right details, information about dogs.

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