How to Use Curved Scissors for Dog Grooming | A Complete Guide 2023

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Dog grooming refers to the ways of enhancing a dog’s appearance using various dog grooming kits. To be an efficient groomer, one has to wisely select the dog grooming tools like dog grooming scissors or something else according to the breed, age, coating, etc.

Dog grooming shears and scissors are one of the most important grooming tools. These are used for maximum steadiness and comfort when cutting hair. Dog grooming shears and scissors are needed to be used properly so that no harm is done to your delicate pet.

Curved scissors are those that are used in curved places and also to give a curved finishing where needed. Traditionally it is used on top knots, bichon’s head or continental trim on a poodle. It is also used on the face, nose, head, leg, feet to give a definite shape to the dog.

In this article, we are specifically going to brief you about curved dog grooming shears or scissors along with its using process.

How to Use Curved Dog Grooming Scissors?

  • Firstly, you should know the proper way of holding the scissor. There is a misconception of holding the scissor using the thumb and middle finger.
  • The ideal way of holding the scissor is to use the thumb and the ring finger on the finger holes.
  • Your ring finger should go through one finger hole up to the first knuckle only. The little finger should lay on the finger rests and the other two fingers wrapping around the blade to the pivot point.
  • Insert the thumb on the other finger hole not more than the first knuckle.
  • Avoid completely inserting the fingers. It will block the blades and hamper its function.
  • Press only by the thumb; Do not use the wrist or full hand.
  • The other blade should remain still while only the thumb pressing blade moves upward-downward.
  • While cutting the dog’s hair, you should keep your hand in a constant position without bouncing it. Otherwise, that may cut the skin of your pet.
  • For proper angulation, you can bend yourself towards the dog but make sure of keeping the hand still.
  • Pressure should be produced in the opposite direction with the thumb and the other blade being still. So that the blades come close enough to cut the hair.
  • You can easily flip over the blades and then use them again on the other side of the coating. There are also left-handed curved scissors.
  • You should also know which style of scissor suits your hand the best to handle trimming perfectly. If you have larger hands then the 50/50 scissor would suit you best. On the other hand, if you have smaller hands then the 30/70 scissor would suit you best. Here 30/70 shear means the handle is 30% and the blade consists of 70% of the total length.

Curved scissors for dog grooming are applicable for everyone whether it’s home grooming or by the professionals. But it is mostly used by beginners as it doesn’t require much handling. As there is only thumb movement in a curved shear it is quite easy to use but you would need the practice to be swift in it.

Scissors or Clippers? What Should You Use

When talking about the dog grooming process there remains confusion on choosing scissors or clippers in your grooming supplies. Some may prefer clippers over scissors and vice versa. It is ultimately a personal choice considering your and your dog’s comfort. Some dogs get frightened of the noise that a clipper makes. Scissors with noise reduction features work well in their case. Scissors are tedious and time-consuming whereas a clipper is quicker on giving a haircut. But if you go for a clipper, best to not use it until there is an adult coating. It is not suitable for puppies as it keeps developing coating throughout.

Frequently Asked Question (FAQ) Of Dog Grooming Scissors :

Is it necessary to have more sets of scissors?

It is not necessary that much. You can completely handle the grooming process by having only a pair of dog grooming scissors in the grooming kit. You just need to be focused and patient with the grooming.

Can I use a human clipper or scissor on a dog?

Certainly not. Dog grooming scissors are manufactured efficiently considering the thin hair, fur coating and delicate skin of a dog. So it is wise to use only dog grooming shears, scissors or clippers.

Straight scissors or curved scissors for dog grooming?

It fully depends on your choice considering the breed, size, and fur of the dog.  Straight scissors may do the work of the curved one but with difficulty and not also give the perfect finish.

Final Thought

Dog grooming scissors have a major role in tackling the grooming process. A great pair of dog grooming scissors are those with good quality material, comfortable grip, and durable construction. It may feel a little risky and complicated at the start but with quality scissors and careful application, you can complete the task at home with ease. We hope you have found this article helpful to figure out the right way of using curved dog grooming scissors.

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