Doberman Pinscher Temperament And Dog Breed Information

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Thinking of getting a dog? Or do you have one already and want to know more about it. Different dogs have different temperaments and behaviors, and so before getting any dog, you should have an idea of what you want of a dog, asides companionship. Today, we Petscarehq would like to talk about Doberman Pinscher temperament, loyalty, and so on.

The Doberman pinscher has created quite some controversies because of its temperament. This breed of dog, although loyal and obedient, has its own personality traits which might either be favorable to you or not, depending on what you want.  This athletic, muscularly built, smart and intelligent companion has a lot you need to know about it. They are usually used as police dogs, military dogs but can also serve as great family pets and companions too.

This article contains the necessary things you need to know about this breed.

What the Doberman Pinscher looks like

These breed of dogs have a sturdy, muscular and robust build at first sight. They are fast, powerful and one of the strongest canines that serve as family guards, police patrol dogs and so on. There are two significant breeds of the Doberman which are the European and the American Doberman.

These two have slight differences in their physical build and a vast difference in their temperaments too. The European Doberman pinschers usually have more profound and broader chests compared to the American Doberman which has a slimmer build or body. Asides these slight differences, all Doberman dogs have long tails, long and also cuneate shaped heads, almond-shaped eyes which could be blue, brown or light brown and naturally floppy ears.

The Doberman’s ears are usually cropped out at about 7-9 weeks after birth. This is done to meet up with the standards of the American Kennel Club (AKC), although this is outlawed in a few countries. Cropping the ears also improve sound localization and the look of the dog.

This breed of dog comes in a wide range of coat colors; this offers you many options from which you can choose. Although, some of the most common coat colors are black, tan and the white Doberman, there are some other fantastic coat colors you can find. They could either be single colors or a combination of colors. Some of these colors are;

•    Red

•    Fawn

•    Black and tan combo

•    Black and rust combo

•    Blue and rust combo

•    Red and rust

•    Blue

Personality traits and temperament of the Doberman Pinscher

Depending on which of the Dobermans you have or want to get, there are different traits and characters. Some could either be fearless, brave and affable while the others could be introverted and timid or shy. Their relationship with other pets also varies depending on which you have or intend to get. Some could be quite dominating and aggressive or violent while some of them can be accommodating and friendly. But despite these differences, they are all loyal, smart and great companions.

A lot of individuals tend to tag the Dobermans as utterly violent, vicious and attack dogs which would go at anything and harm anything, but this is false. This dog is accommodating, sweet and friendly and serve as lovely family pets and also watchdogs. They are protective, loyal and intelligent dogs. It is important to note that these breed enjoys a lot of activity and would probably not enjoy or live comfortably with a subtle and inactive family.

Intelligence and Smartness

This breed is one of the most intelligent and smartest amongst the others. This is one of the reasons why they are great as watchdogs or police dog or rescue dogs. They find it easy to cope and thrive in any environment they find themselves in. these dogs also do very great at agility and obedience sports.


When you think of the word loyal, you can as well think of this dog. They are considered as one of the most loyal companions you could ever get. They become easily knitted into families and grow to love their families so much; making them instantly loyal and extremely protective of the ones they love.

Separation Anxiety

Dobermans serve as great family pets and are trustworthy. They do well around, families, children and even friends as long as they are treated right. Although this dog, tend to become so attached to the family, that long periods off without family can cause separation anxiety. When they get this, they begin to bark excessively and/or chew on everything they lay their paws on and most likely destroy them. They are most elated and happy when they are close to or around family and also when they are made to do physical and mental activities. This is the reason why people who work long hours and leave their dogs for so long at home are advised not to get these kinds of the breed.

Helping your dog socialize: due to their different temperaments and how protective the Doberman is, it is necessary to help them socialize and get comfortable with not just family but also visitors or guests. To do this, you can introduce them to new and friendly people in other to help them recognize the good traits of people and how to decipher. If you fail to do this and do it properly, your dog might turn out to be overprotective of you and your family, because that’s how their instincts work.

Training Your Pup

Wondering how these breeds get trained? You can either train your little puppy or register it in a puppy socialization class with a good trainer. If you have to get a trainer, and then make sure that whichever trainer you get is well experienced, an understanding one that works without force. If the Doberman is trained with positive training methods, it would learn quickly and adapt. Once the little pups get the hang of the basics, then you can explore agility and intelligent adventures. This would strengthen the bond between you and your dog and keep your dog active and elated.

The Miniature Doberman

This Doberman is also called the mini Doberman, and it is called this because it looks like a mini replica of the Doberman pinscher. Because of the nickname, a lot of people might think that it is a Doberman breed, but it isn’t. It is a mixed breed of the Daschund, Italian Greyhound and the short-haired terrier. This dog is also called the Min Pin.

Getting a Doberman Pinschers for sale

If you eventually decide that you want to get this breed, one of the best places to get them from is the Doberman pinscher club of America (DPCA). They are a more reliable source because they are able to direct you to legit breeders around you. Make sure to try not to buy puppies from online. Try to ask for references from people around, get to talk with the breeders, check out the dogs, access their temperaments, and be as inquisitive as possible. You might be asked a few questions too and also asked to sign a contract, which permits you to return the dog if you guys don’t get along too well, or things fail to work out.

Finally, the loyalty of this furry companion makes it one of the best pets you could ask for. Even with its intimidating looks, it has a big heart and is very doting.  Despite its large and soft heart, it vital that you take into consideration the necessary factors before introducing this pup to your family. These breeds would require a lot of your attention, to grow and develop properly and so would need a devoted owner who would be very conscious of its needs.

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