Do Labs Shed a Lot? Do They Leave Fur Everywhere? (Must Read)

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Labs, or you may know them as Labradors, are one kind of breeds of dog. These kinds of dogs can be a good pet for you. They can be found in black, yellow, or chocolate color. These breed’s weight can be up to 80 pounds. 

They are usually in the list of large-medium dogs. These kinds of dogs have a very friendly nature. They are intelligent, loyal, and playful. Their fluffy hairs are also a good side of them.

But when you wish to get one of them in your home, the question may pop up in your mind that do labs sheds? Let’s discuss that.

Do Labs shed?

Labs or Labrador retriever is those kinds of dog breeds which have short fluffy hair. These pets are human friendly and very adorable to play with. But before keeping them as a pet in your house, you can question that do labs shed?

The answer is yes. Labs do shed, and they shed more than other breed dogs. That’s why you will have to keep it in mind before having a Labrador retriever. But why do they shed more than other breed dogs? Is it a problem? Let’s talk about these facts briefly.

Is shedding more a health problem?

Waking up from the bed and if you see your dog shedding a lot, you may get scared by thinking that maybe your dog has a health issue. If your dog is other than the Labrador breed, then it’s not ok. But shedding more is very natural for a Labrador breed. These kinds of breed shed a lot, and you u will have to manage them.

Why does Labrador shed more?

Now, if you have discovered your Labrador shedding a lot and you don’t know why then here is the answer. There are multiple reasons for which these kinds of dogs shed more. Let’s discuss them.

Dense hair:

The main reason for their shedding a lot is nothing but their dense hair. The Labrador dogs have a dense amount of hair on their body. Due to this reason, the hairs shed more from them.

Their nature: 

The Labrador breeds have a nature of playfulness. They always tend to run and play a lot. They are very energetic than the other breeds. This nature is also another reason for shedding a lot. Due to the nature of running and playing a lot, their hair sheds more. This is another reason for their hair shedding.

The type of their hair

The dense hair of Labrador is more silky and thin than the other types of breeds. This is also a reason for shedding a huge amount of hair from them.

What is the specific amount of their shedding?

As you have known that Labrador breed sheds a lot but do you know what is the actual amount of hair shedding of a Labrador breed? Well, even we don’t know the answer. However, it will be tough to measure the correct Labrador shedding. The amount can be more sometimes, and sometimes it can be less. 

What is the time of shedding more hair?

Though Labrador sheds hair daily, the amount of shedding often goes up and down with the season. In spring, they lost most of the hairs, but when the autumn comes, the shedding slows down. Again at the time of winter, the hair got dense again.

How to manage these shedding hairs and Labrador?

Well, as these Labradors are playful so they will roam across the house a lot. This will make the entire house filled with hair. So, a vacuum cleaner is a perfect solution to be used to clean it perfectly. To maintain the Labrador, you can use grooming tools like brush and shampoo for your Labrador. 

Final Word

Labrador is a good pet to have in your house. It is not only playful and loyal but also adorable. But the question do labs shed creates the question of having it as a pet. Though it sheds a lot if we can maintain the Labrador perfectly and clean them from time to time, it will not create much problem.

Being a dog lover, a person can at least give the Labrador the time to maintain it. So if you can maintain the sheds, you should have one Labrador in your house.

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