15 Best Brush for German Shepherd | Buying Guide and Reviews 2023

best brush for german shepherd

Dogs are the most loyal and dear friends of human beings. The relationship between humans and dogs has taken the relationship between humans and animals to another level. Respecting this relationship, man has some responsibility towards his/her pet dog. The most important thing after feeding is cleaning, which requires a proper brush to do. Grooming … Read more

Pro Groomer’s Secret: 10 Best Professional Dog Clippers for Poodles 2023

best professional dog clippers for poodles

Pet grooming industry is booming! And that’s not surprising at all. For the overall well-being, pet lovers seek out professional help for their pal. But here is the kicker: A dog grooming salon may save your time, but the services are hell costly. On average, you have to pay $50 for grooming a small pooch and $75 for … Read more

6 Best Dog Kennel for Separation Anxiety to Calm an Anxious Dog (2023)

best dog kennel for separation anxiety

 Listen: Just like us, dogs experience anxiety. Let me take a wild guess; recently you are facing this with your furry friend. Sounds familiar? Well, it’s pretty normal. And you will be surprised to know that approximately around 14 percent of dogs experience separation anxiety. In simple word, separation or isolation anxiety is the dog’s fear of left … Read more