Can Dogs Have Crackers? Why or Why Not? Surprising Facts!

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“Can dogs have crackers?”- Whenever dogs eat a bunch of crackers this question arises in mind, do you feel worried about it? Which cracker should you pick for your buddy or is it safe? Are these questions rotating on your mind?! Then we are here to release your worry with our research and study on it.  Today we are here with all the answers to your question that will help you through this. So, let’s dig into what we got for you!

Where & When Crackers Are Safe

You saw someone giving their dog crackers and you’re also thinking to do this! Or your dog has eaten some crackers mistakenly but enjoyed it. Are you thinking of giving it a try instead of regular dog food? Be patient my friend! Before doing all of these we advise you to go through the article so that you can decide wisely!

What Researchers Says

According to some researches, we can say that giving crackers to your dog is not that harmful if given only a small amount. If we say specifically then we should say that crackers can be just used for a small treat or just as hiking, camping, or even as emergency food.

It is until you replace it with normal food or give it regularly. Actually, we can’t say that crackers have an exact positive side for dogs. But we can say that it has some partially positive sides.

Crackers as Treats

Are you searching for something new for your dog’s treat? If the answer is “Yes” then you have the solution just in your hands. Almost in every house, there is a jar full of crackers. So, what you have to do? You have to take some crackers out and give it to your dog as a treat. It will a new taste for your buddy and also very easy and affordable for you.

Emergency or Camping Food

Suppose you’re in danger or just do not have enough money to dog food for sometimes. In this situation, you can feed it crackers for a few meals or days. Again, you are going on a camping adventure with your buddy. You’re preparing your pack and do not want it to be heavier.

But what your buddy is gonna eat? Here you can take some crackers instead of regular dog food! It will weigh less than regular dog food and your pack will be lighter. If your dog have cracker for a few meals on a camping trip then it is not to worry much. But you need to ensure that having crackers does not become your dog’s habit.

When & Where Crackers Turns Out Negative

We went through some research and came to know dogs can have crackers in a small amount. But that does not mean they should have it regularly. Technically crackers are nothing that toxic. But the ingredients of crackers can be toxic on larger scales. The main problem is when giving crackers to your dog becomes a habit. Then it may cause some health risks.

Avoiding Regular Food

Dogs can become expectant of having crackers rather than their regular dog food. They can expect crackers more than they want their regular food. It may cause them to develop poor eating habits.

Dogs that enjoy crackers and having it regularly may have decreased appetite on regular food. Their regular food can become unacceptable and they may refuse to have it. There is where the problem begins!

Unsafe Ingredients

Maximum crackers are loaded with salt, containing flavored ingredients also.

These are generally made within a factory by combining a great number of ingredients together. The ingredients may not safe for dogs. Some of the ingredients can be toxic and dangerous for your buddy.

Sodium Concerns

Most of the crackers contain a lot of added salt for taste. In crackers, the sodium level is higher than many other foods. For dogs, the sodium may become excessive.

The sodium level of crackers belongs to humans as it is made for humans. So, that is nowhere perfect for dogs. The truth is small animals like dogs cannot handle as much sodium as an average human can! Your buddy is getting their sodium needs met properly with their regular dog food. 

So why add more of it? Adding more with feeding a lot of crackers is not smart enough. Excessive amounts of salt can also cause sodium poisoning to dogs.

Nutritional Facts

Have you ever seen some nutritional guidelines printed on the packaging of crackers? If the answer is “Yes” then do not forget that those nutritional guidelines are calculated for humans, not for dogs.

Health Issues

Having crackers regularly may cause some health problems for your dog. Higher sodium levels can cause poisoning like diarrhea, vomiting, depression, seizures, and high body temperature and can lead to death.

Follow the Vital Suggestions

Dog owners try the best to keep their dog healthy but sometimes they take some wrong decisions. And those decisions harm their pets. Do you want to see your buddy sick? No, right? 

No one wants that and also it is not easy to fill expensive veterinary bills. So, what can you do? If you really want to share crackers with your dog then you can follow some friendly suggestions given below.

  • The most important thing is not to replace normal dog food with crackers.
  • Who does not love dipping or toppings with crackers?! But wait! Do not give those crackers with toppings or dippings.
  • Go to your vet before adding these to your buddies’ diet.
  • Make sure that it does not have an excessive amount at a time or have small amounts too often.
  • After feeding those crackers do you check their health condition? If the answer is “No” then your buddy could be in bad health. You must check them often after feeding those crackers.
  • Ensure to have a good amount of water after having crackers. That will help them to digest easily.

Final Insight

We hope that you have gone through the whole article and found the answers to “Can dogs have crackers?”  We began with this question. Throughout the article, we presented the maximum number of possible answers and solutions. So, what might you do now? Now, you might come out from confusion and choose the right way for your buddy! Thank you for sticking with us!

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