10 Best Tents for Camping with Dogs | Top Reviews 2023

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You are looking for a tent that is suitable for you and your dog to camping? And you are in the right place. We did a ton of researches to enrich our writings with the best tents for camping with dogs. For now, you are looking for a tent that can provide enough space for you, your group, and your dog, right?

But let me guess one thing, is it the main factor to think about before purchasing your favorite tent? However, you need to read this article to know what other factors you must look into before buying the perfect tent. Also, a review of the tents that are leading in the market is given for you to help you choose the right one.

Quick Comparison of 3 Best Tents for Camping with Dogs


Coleman WeatherMaster Tent with Screen Room

  • Comes with a hinged typed door.
  • Provides storage space to keep and carry your accessories.
  • Provides E-port services that allow users to use electricity inside the tent.
  • Long-lasting due to its Polyguard fabric.
3rd best

Coleman Steel Creek Fast Pitch Dome Tent

  • Provides extra protection from natural adverse with reverse seams.
  • It has Waterproof floors.
  • Can withstand 33-35 Mile per hour airflow.
  • Easy to carry and transport.

Still confused! Cannot take your final decision! Let's dig down a bit when we are going to cover all the 10 items that we got after doing in-depth research. We will start by the overall best pick and will cover all the items gradually. Let's see which one suits for you.....


Wenzel 8 Person Klondike Tent

If you are looking for a tent for setting up a camp in a remote area, then Wenzel 8 Person Klondike Tent is recommended. What can be the natural adverse that you need protection from? Wind, air, etc. can be adverse.

This tent has Weather Armor material that is best suitable to defend you from these natural adverse. It is equally suitable for the hot summer season as it contains vents available on the top so that air circulation can happen.

However, the big tent can provide a place for your family and a tourist team. And you know, it’s one of the finest and popular tents for camping with your pets. The height of each room is 6-7 feet, which is higher than an average person’s height. So, anyone can stay in a tent without any discomfort.

An attached room is provided. This room can be used as the user prefer. Photographers can use this room as a gear room to keep all their gears. This room can be transferred into a picnic room while out on a picnic with the family.

In cases when people have to go out of the tent to do their job, they can leave the dog in the screen room as well. And the result is to keep an eye on your dog while you’re not in the tent. 

Last but not least, the tent never runs out of spaces because it covers 60 inches long and 80 inches wide area. Besides, it provides enough is to sleep peacefully.


  • Can keep you safe even when it’s raining cats and dogs.
  • Fiberglass is used to make the top frame of the tent.
  • It’s convenient and easy to set it up.
  • The tent contains floor even for the screen room.


  • Requires a lot of stakes to set up the tent. Sometimes, you may need extra stakes to support it.
  • Difficult to set up under high wind pressure.

Why We Like It:

This tent is made of polyester material and, in addition, coated with damp-proof material such as polyurethane. Along with the fiberglass top frame, the ground supports are made of steel. So, this tent is appropriate to defend any natural calamities. It will still stand and keep you protected. This tent does not need huge manpower and time to set it up.

A single person can make this tent alone within 20 minutes. The floor that comes with the tent is very helpful. It allows users to sleep peacefully without worrying about moisture or bugs that come from the ground.

runner up BEST PICK

Coleman WeatherMaster Tent with Screen Room

Do your dog hates bugs? Most of the dogs do. Usually, dogs do not handle bugs well. If bugs can get to your dog, it will be pretty difficult to make his bug free. So, you would definitely want the dog to be free of bug even while camping.

Using bug repellent takes a lot of time and effort everyday as well as money. Still, most of the bug repellent fails to do its job. So, the best thing is to purchase the best camping tent that will worth the bucks. This tent is suitable to keep your dog bug free. It has screen rooms that keep the bug away.

The tent is more than 6 feet in height, which is more than enough for an average height person. Thus, it can easily fit two queen size airbeds along with a dog bed. Thus, it provides the comfortable sleep of the users.

It also comes with rainfly that keep you dry and warm under natural adverse and secure your comfort. Moreover, the Polyester is used in making this tent, and every camper loves it. It provides an additional pocket for you to carry your accessories in place and keep those safe.

Coleman Company is a trustworthy company which is running its business for more than a hundred years. They provide a one-year warranty for this tent.


  • This tent comes with a hinged typed door.
  • It provides storage space to keep and carry your accessories.
  • Provides E-port services that allow users to use electricity inside the tent.
  • Long-lasting due to its Polyguard fabric.


  • The screen rooms do not have the floor.
  • It does not provide built-in lighting in the tent.

Why We Like It:

The tent comes with everything you need to set it up. You do not have to run around to find additional equipment and spend extra money. The tent provides a hinged type door which is very suitable for people of any age to open and close the door whenever needed.

Animals like a dog cannot open the door; thus, the user does not have to worry about losing the dog in the middle of the night. It provides an E-port service. So, the user can have interior lighting and other services as he wishes. Another attractive feature of this tent is its long-lasting ability.

This tent is not only suitable for now. It will be your trip partner several years later, as well. Only a simple hand wash is enough to keep it clean. So, every camper loves this tent for its amazing features.


Coleman Steel Creek Fast Pitch Dome Tent

Are you looking for a tent that is suitable for your group in a forest or a mountain? This tent is perfect for you. It has enough room to contain six people inside it. Do you need extra space?

This dome provides an extra screen room, which can be used as an extra bedroom as well. If you are a regular tourist who is planning to get a sustainable tent that can be used for a long time, this is the tent you are looking for.

This tent is made of Polyguard material, which is long-lasting. Unlike many tents, it contains Rainfly, which is very useful for campers. Rainfly acts to keep the inner side of the tent dry.

So, especially if you are camping in a rainy season or if you are camping in a place where it rains most often, you need this tent. However, you don’t need much time to settle it, which is a great advantage than others. Seven minutes only is required to set up this tent in any open space.

The screen room can be used as an extra bedroom. People can sleep there if required. Moreover, you can leave your favorite dog there—no need to worry about bugs either. The mesh of this tent is good enough to keep bugs like mosquitos out of the tent.


  • Provides extra protection from natural adverse with reverse seams.
  • It has Waterproof floors.
  • Can withstand 33-35 Mile per hour airflow.
  • Easy to carry and transport.


  • Does not have a footprint, so not suitable for the Rocky Mountains.
  • Front side is not damp-proof.

Why We Like It:

This tent has enough room for 6 persons. However, an additional room is available, which is the screen room. The screen room can be turned into a separate bedroom that can be booked by another group member and have a comfortable sleep. The tent is bug-free. Small bugs like mosquitoes cannot even get inside the tent.

The screen room is bug-free as well. The window Awning is a great feature of this tent. It allows extra air to flow when open but resists the rain. So, the people inside the tent feel comfortable in the meantime, being protected from the rain.

The poles are color-coded, so users do not have to remember each and every rod’s position. Just memorizing the color code is good enough for a perfect set up.


Coleman 8-Person Tent for Camping

Most of the tents are suitable for four to six people. If you have more than six people in your group, then what would you do? Spend money on another tent? Cancel the trip? Do not worry. You don’t need to do any of these things to ensure the accommodation for eight persons comfortably.

Precisely, a group of having a large number of people may want privacy. A newly married couple would love to spend their time privately, or an adult child may be looking for privacy when camping with his parents.

What to do in such cases? This tent includes features that are suitable for these people. It gives users the preference to use dividers. So, those who need any separate room can use the divider to have a single room for private use. That way, they get the privacy they were looking for. In this tent, a person can divide one room into three using dividers.

This tent is easy to set up. It can be packed and carry in different bags. Thus, one person does not have to carry all the tent's load all the way up to the camping location. It is very handy to transport and does not need much effort to set it up.

It has all the functions to keep you safe from wind and air. In addition, it will resist the heat in the summer as well.


  • This tent is suitable for low temperatures.
  • It can be packed and carry in different bags.
  • The tent is easily comfortable with eight people.
  • It provides all the stakes that you need to set it up.


  • Some of the tent's poles are now unavailable, so those cannot be replaced if broken.
  • The awning tension reinforcements are not durable.

Why We Like It:

This tent ranks 77 in Camping Tents. The camper who loves the winter can easily use this tent. It is suitable for low temperatures and will provide you comfortable sleep under low temperatures at night.

Many people prefer to have more queen air mattresses in the tent. More than two 8.5 ft queen air mattresses can be easily placed in this tent. Parts of this tent can be separated and carried by different people of a group.

As a result, a single person does not have to carry the weight of the whole tent. It becomes easily portable to the campers. This tent is air and rain resistant at the same time. However, you can use this tent all through the seasons.


Core 11 Person Family Cabin Tent with Screen Room

This tent is a Cabin tent that can carry 11 people at a time. It provides two screen rooms as well. 8.5 ft queen air mattresses can be placed inside the tent. It not only can afford one but three queen air mattresses at a time, still provide enough spaces for other accessories.

Most of the people prefer queen air mattress to sleep comfortably. Core 11-person family cabin tent is one of the best tents for camping with dogs for you.

It provides E-port that is very useful as you need electricity inside the tent for several reasons. You can set the light at night or use electricity to keep the tent temperature under control.

The electric port is fully closable. When not in use, the port can be closed, thus reducing the risk of an electric accident. Core H20 is being used in this tent, which is heat and water-resistant material. Thus the tent does not allow moisture or raindrops to get inside the tent. Even heavy rainwater just slides of the tent.

It includes a transport bag that is made of 210D Polyester. So, the bag is very elastic that can carry all your accessories and the tent itself. You can carry this tent wherever you want. An extra zipper is provided with the bag, which helps to increase the available space if needed.

The ground vent of the tent is adjustable. The user can place the vent wherever he prefers. You’ll get every tool to set it up. Any damage or replacement can be done for free as the product comes with a one-year warranty.


  • Spray water proofer can be used in the tent.
  • It can fit a king-size bed.
  • Air conditioning unit can be attached to the E-port.
  • However, rainfly there to cover the screen room.


  • The venting system cannot block sands to get in, especially in the desert area.
  • It does not provide a footprint.

Why We Like It:

This tent can fit a bed that is 5 feet wide and 6 ft 6 inches long, which is suitable for long people as they cannot fit their feet in a queen-size bed. People can attach an air conditioning system in this tent.

So, people do not have to feel the extra heat that summer offers; instead, they can stay comfortably inside the tent with the help of air conditioning service. The rainfly covers the screen room, so you do not have to worry about the accessories you placed on the screen room to catch water during rain.


Coleman Juniper Lake Instant Dome Tent with Annex

This tent is suitable for a small family that is looking for a tent to go on a picnic with their family. Setting up this tent does not require much time and effort.

It can be set up within a minute as it has poles that are joined with the tent. It provides space for a bed of four people as well as a bed for the family dog to sleep. All these can be fit within the main room of the tent.

This tent is made of Polyguard material, which is proved to be long-lasting and reliable in terms of a tent. The tent contains a rainfly which does not allow it to get wet inside the tent. So, sudden rain does not ruin the family moment; instead, the whole family can enjoy the rain sitting inside the tent.

You are invited to use this tent while camping with your dogs. It provides enough space for dogs to stay beside humans inside the tent. The annex has enough space for any fully grown-up dog as well. The nail and natural behavior of the dog cannot usually damage the floor of the tent.


  • It can be set up instantly.
  • The bottom of the tent is made of tarp fabrics.
  • It contains Weathertech technology.
  • The tent contains a rainfly.


  • Cannot withstand heavy wind.
  • This tent is relatively short, so not suitable for tall people.

Why We Like It:

This tent is very suitable for a family that has young children. The young children need to be taken care of all the time, so the parents cannot spend too much time setting up the tent. So, this tent is suitable for them.

This tent floor is made of tarp fabrics, which means the family dog cannot damage the tent's floor. The tent contains Weathertech technology so it can withstand a heavy storm. The annex and rainfly work alongside Weathertech to keep the inner of the tent free of moisture.


Bessport Camping Tent Lightweight Backpacking 1-4 Person Tent

If you are a single camper that does not want the company for Backpacking, this tent should be your first choice. The tent is very lightweight, and you can easily carry it anywhere.

It also accommodates one or two persons comfortably.  It provides two doors at two sides of the tent to get in or out of the tent. The doors are of D-shaped. It is easy to set up. Setting up this tent is not a time-consuming process. Only one person can install this tent. It takes three minutes to set up at first. Once users get used to this tent, this tent can be set up within a minute.

Moreover, the tent is built in such a way to stay a bit elevated from the ground. As a result, when the ground gets weight due to heavy rain, the tent's floor will not be wet. So, this tent can ensure the total satisfaction of camping.

This tent offers a replacement. So, if anyone is not satisfied with this tent, he’ll get a replacement. The customer can get a refund as well if they prefer.


  • The zipper of this tent does not stick throughout its lifetime.
  • This tent supports footprint.
  • The water and wind resist system do not allow the interior to get wet.
  • It is inexpensive.


  • This tent is not suitable for low temperatures.
  • The tent is not flame retardants.

Why We Like It:

This tent is perfect for a single hiker or a couple. It has met all the expectations that they may have. However, 68D 190T Polyester material is used to build the rainfly of this tent. It is very good for keeping the interior of the tent wet.

The tent is not expensive at all. Compared to other tents which provide as much function as this tent does, this tent is one of the cheapest. In addition, this test provides a footprint. The footprint is basically a ground cover.

When you get in the tent, your body weight and the accessories' weight press the floor of the tent downward. As the ground is not flat, so due to this downward pressure, the floor might get damaged due to it.

This tent does not have to go through this problem as it has a footprint. So, this tent is more durable compared to other tents. Based on all these reasons, this tent is suitable for the users to buy.


ALPS Mountaineering Lynx 2-Person Tent

A user does not have to go through all the attachments before setting up the camp with this tent's series. All the accessories are attached to the tent, so the user just has to place the tent in a suitable position, and the tent is ready to use.

The tent fly is made of Polyester, which can resist water. In addition, it is very good to stop Ultra Violate rays to reach our skin and damage or injure it. This tent looks after the health of the user as well.

However, it might suit both single and two persons, as well. It contains two doorways on two opposite sides of the tent. People do not have to go through a lengthy, time consuming, and money-hungry process to clean this tent after use.

The tent should be hand washed. Other types of wash, for example, dry wash with a machine, may damage the fiber that the tent is made of.


  • It provides very good ventilation for air.
  • The tent has a polyester fly that can resist the damage caused by Ultra Violate ray.
  • It is very lightweight.
  • The tent is good rain resistor.


  • There is no seam available on the bottom of the tent.
  • Built-in footprint is not available.

Why We Like It:

This tent contains half mesh walls. The mesh provides it the lightweight as well as a good ventilation system for the air to get in or out of the tent. The tent is good for your health. Especially in deserts, the damage of ultraviolet light is pretty great.

This tent's polyester fly can reduce, if not eliminate, the damage caused by UV rays. The tent weighs only 6 lb. So, it’s like a blessing for any single camper.


Petego Umbra Portable Pet House and Containment System

However, the tent belongs to a special category for pets and dogs. It is a portable tent that can be carried wherever needed. Besides, you can place this tent anywhere you want, like- in the bedroom, in the office, or beside a park's bench.

The tent can be set up or pack up within a matter of seconds with one click. The system acts similar to an umbrella, where pulling a single button will fold the whole product into a small portable product.

What a pet tent must-have? A scratch-proof body. It is a natural tendency of a dog to scratch its surrounding. This tent has got mesh windows that can resist any claw marks made by the pet inside.


  • This tent has a waterproof roof.
  • Easy to wash.
  • Portable and easy to set up.
  • It provides enough ventilation and visibility to the dog.


  • The tent should not be washed using a machine.
  • The tent cannot resist mosquito.

Why We Like It:

The tent is perfect for dogs and cats. Even two cats can fit in the tent perfectly. The tent is waterproof. So, when the tent is placed outside, the pet owner does not have to worry if it starts raining.

The tent will protect the pet with its waterproof roof. However, heavy rain may damage the tent. The tent can be hand-washed, so it is relatively easy to wash and clean the tent over and over again. The rigid plastic poles will not be damaged if hand washing is performed.


Big Agnes Dog House Camping Tent

This tent is specially made for dogs. The tent is filled with requirements a dog’s house may need. It provides enough space for the dog. Inside the tent, there is enough space to provide food and water to the dog.

You don’t need to go out with your dog every time for his meal in this circumstances. You just have to put the food inside the tent, and the dog will able to eat when he feels hungry.

It ranks 433 in Camping Tents due to its features that are suitable for any dog. It is always appreciated if the dog tent has an extra ventilation system.

This dog tent provides windows that allow air to pass. It also allows attaching additional accessories with it. For example, light is required in a dog house so that he does not feel afraid in the dark.


  • This tent is very lightweight.
  • The tent is waterproof.
  • It provides extra ventilation.
  • Built-in pockets to hold accessories like lights.


  • This tent is not suitable for high temperatures.
  • The zipper malfunction occurs over and over again.

Why We Like It:

The tent is 23.5 inches wide and 8.5 inches long. This tent is very lightweight. The key to this tent being light in weight is the material used to make it and the tent's design.

The tent comes with both two doors and windows for well-ventilation. These increase the airflow; thus, it never gets too warm inside the tent. The inner environment of the tent is always breathable and comfortable. 

Thinks to be consider before buying the best tents for camping with dogs

Before buying the best tents for camping with dogs, some factors should be considered, choosing the perfect one suitable for the user. Some of the must-have features are given below:


The user should make sure that the tent is waterproof. So, the tent which is not waterproof can be a problem on a rainy day. Like waterproof dog bed, we need to consider it at the time of purchasing camping tent. Humans and pets both need to be protected from the rain. In most of the country, rain may fall anytime, any day. So, a tent should be ready to protect the user from these adverse.


The user should make sure there is enough space available inside the tent. Based on the preference and type of camper, he may choose different sizes of the tent. A single backpacker will choose a small tent where a group of people or people planning a family picnic will look for a big tent. Under any situation, before buying a tent, the user should make sure that he has enough space for themselves and for their dogs inside the tent.

Scratch-free Design

The tent should be scratch-free. When going camping, the tent is the only shelter that the camper has for a couple of days. Pets usually scratch the surfaces around them. If the dogs or cats scratch cause damage to the tent, the camper and the pets have to suffer due to it. So, it’s a wise decision to go with a tent that is scratch-free.


Installation is an important factor to consider before buying a tent. Some tent takes relatively less time to be set. For example, some tent can be set within 10 seconds. Some tent takes a long time to be set. For example, some commonly used tent takes 40 minutes to be set.

So, based on user preferences and resources, the user should buy a tent that fits his expected setting time. If a single camper buys a tent that requires five people and takes 30 minutes to be set, then the money on that tent would be a total waste. So, setting time and workload to set up should be taken into consideration.


Some tents can use electricity as well. People can use electricity to use lights, fans, and air conditioning inside the tent. These can help a person to feel at home in a tent. Some can use electricity for cooking their food as well.

All these can be done in a tent if the tent has a built-in electric port service in the tent. If the user wants to have these services in the tent, he should consider buying a tent that provides an electric port feature. This feature is known as the E-port service in short.

Final Verdict

The dog is men’s best companion. However, it’s beyond imagination to stay away from your dog while you’re on camping. Isn’t it? Also, camping with your dog is good for yourself as well as your dog. It helps to understand each other better and make the bond stronger.

The best tents for camping with dogs should be chosen based on the user’s preference. Features like Electric port, setting up time, water-resistant capability, etc. should be considered before buying the tent. A perfect tent will definitely help to maximize the outcome of the camping.

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