10 Best Hairball Cat Food | Review and Buying Guide 2023

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We all feel gross when there's a hairball visible in front of our eyes, no? The cat is no different. Cat being a simple, clean, and carnivorous animal, they can't even stand a hairball.

And cleaning any hairball is a no less disgusting act, no?

We believe, there's no substitute for a good hairball preventing cat food. That's why we've brought you some best hairball cat food that'll help you the most. Here, in this article, we've attached a buyers' guide for informing you of every inch about the best hairball cat food.

You won't even think of looking at any other article if you just give this one some valuable minutes!

Quick Comparison of 3 Best Hairball Cat Food


IAMS Proactive Health Adult Indoor Weight & Hairball Control Dry Cat Food

  • Natural fiber and beet pulp included.
  • Ensures a more muscular immune system.
  • 100% real chicken-made.
  • 10% less fat.
  • Formulated with l-carnitine.
3rd best

Greenies Feline SMARTBITES Hairball Control

  • Natural fibers added.
  • No artificial flavors.
  • Every treat contains less than 2 calories.
  • Made from real chicken.
  • Includes vitamins, minerals, and nutrients.

Here we are starting covering top 10 hairball cat food in the market one by one. We would love to start with our best pick. Let's see.....

Purina ONE always has a reputation of providing the cat with what they require the most to stay healthy. Taking up the stand against hairball prevention is no different.No wonder why this adult dry cat food by Purina ONE is the best pick among all.

It is highly recommended by veterinarians to feed your adult cats the dry cat food by Purina ONE. The natural fiber helps prevents your cat from through up hairball and real chicken in this dry food adds a delicious touch to the cat food.

As it is impossible to safeguard your kitty from unwanted hairballs, getting him this best cat food for hairball prevention is a good step. The variety of fibers in this meal will make your cats fur move through his digestion tract with ease.

There are several other factors behind our love for this one. By using the combination of added vitamins, minerals, and essential nutrients, this dry cat food prevents your cat from getting upset stomach frequently.

If you're looking for a high-end brand that has previous records of positive reviews, then no other brand can be better than Purina ONE. It comes with a 28-days challenge which claims that your kitty will have a shinier coat, brighter eyes, and healthy energy by taking this meal.

Over 1.2 million people have taken this challenge and succeeded. When are you taking it?


  • Made from real meat.
  • Infused with 100% nutrition.
  • Veterinarian recommended.
  • Natural fiber for hairball prevention.
  • Grain-free.


  • Lack in hydration.

Why We Like It:

If you're looking for the best within a fixed budget, then nothing can be better than this one. You will rarely find any hairball prevention as good as this masterpiece if you want your kitties coat to become shinier than ever than there's no substitute to Purina ONE dry cat food!

This cat food boosts the immune system of your cat to some other level. Several pet lovers have come to us with positive reviews of Purina ONE. They have claimed that the 28-day challenge of this brand works out.

How amazing!

IAMS Proactive Health Dry Cat Food is famous for balancing your cat's weight, hairball issues, and litter box odor like a pro! Made from real chicken, this fantastic cat food is an excellent solution to your cats' gross hairball.

Are you tired of cleaning the gross hairballs every morning that your cat has thrown up? This dry cat food by IAMS is a simple solution. It'll bring you out of this fantastic catch-22 situation.

If your kitty is 1 year old or older, then you can pick up this great one for him! This dry cat food works wonders in cases of Hairball prevention. Made of natural fibers and unusual beet pulp, this cat-delicacy will cheer him up.

Most of the cheap and mainstream cat food available in the market are from artificial protein, but this A-1 one is made from real chicken. Featured Omega fatty oil, taurine along Vitamin-B will provide your cat with maximum nutrients to stay fit and healthy like never!

No wonder why this product is showered with maximum positive reviews. This product has snatched 4.7 ratings out of 5 among most of the pet lovers. And that amazing!

The added vitamin E in it will make your cat's coat like never before. The crunchy kibble will make your pet's teeth more energetic and sharper like never before. What else on the earth does a cat owner cat expect from a food supplement?


  • Natural fiber and beet pulp included.
  • Ensures a more muscular immune system.
  • 100% real chicken-made.
  • 10% less fat.
  • Formulated with l-carnitine.


  • Had a better recipe earlier.

Why We Like It:

This cat food is a complete and balanced diet for your cat. It ensures that your cat has enough vitamins, Omega 3 in his diet. Not every dry cat food brand comes with a guarantee of maintaining your pet's health and weight properly.

This cat food has no fillers add in it. And this characteristic is id very unusual nowadays. The best thing about the product is that id comes with maximum positive reviews from the real purchasers and cat owners. So if you doubt the quality, you contact them for extra assurance.

Can't satisfy yourself with the features of our top 2 best cat food for hairball prevention? Here's another one!

This brand offers a chicken-flavored treat to your cat to ensure maximum health and hairball control at the same time. Besides cutting down hairballs to a maximum level, this splendid snack also provides that your cat has enough vitamins and minerals in its daily food habit.

Many cat food brands aren't veterinarian-approved. Most of them are a risky bit to explore. But this fantastic option is generously suggested by most of the veterinarians.

Minimizing hairball formation has never been this easier before the discovery of SMARTBITES by Greenies. Let's say you something. Maximum cat food that cuts off hairball prevention is a hard try for your cats to digest. When you feed them to your cat, they mostly puke or feel sick initially.

Unlike those, unhealthy and risky ones, this great formula works wonders for your cats by ensuring their total health-assurance. Now reward your cat with this amazingly nutritious cat food brought to you by Feline.

This cat food consists of less than 2 calories per treat, which clearly defines that this cat food can control your kitty's weight correctly. These cat foods are mainly soft yet crunchy and contain Greenies Fiberblend formula for maximum digestion.

Now treat your cat without any guilt with this artificial flavor-proof and moist cat food. As it contains less than 2 calories, you won't regret feeding your cat even a bit.


  • Natural fibers added.
  • No artificial flavors.
  • Every treat contains less than 2 calories.
  • Made from real chicken.
  • Includes vitamins, minerals, and nutrients.


  • Not suitable for all breed.

Why We Like It:

There's no better cat food formula than this one to keep your cat purring 24 hrs. Greenies Feline SMARTBITES support and help the prevention of hairball issues like no other cat food. The dual-texture of this food is one of the most unusual features of any cat food.

Pet owners who have purchased this fantastic brand have hardly come across any negative side of this high-end cat food formula. If you want to give your kitty a healthy and delicious treat, then nothing can be as good as this Top-grade cat food.

As this cat food is a reasonable bid for cats older than 1, you can give it a try!

Very few dry cat food available in the market uses real chicken to prepare cat food. And Hill's Science brand is one of those brands. You can never deny the fact that chickens are a great source of protein. And Hill's Science Diet Dry Cat Food provides you with the best of the best.

According to our studies, we got to know that pork fat is also a source of protein for this cat food. Which means this cat food will also let your cat fulfill his needs of enough fatty acids.

The dried beet pulp in the cat food is a good source of natural fiber. And we all know how good beet pulps are for our kitties. The natural fiber also facilitates hairball prevention and promotes your cats' natural peristaltic movement.

This amazing cat food much focuses on preventing your cat from throwing up hairballs now and then. Another significant fact about this premium piece is that it safeguards your cats' urinary health as well. This food is produced for a cat of 1 to 6 years.

Are you looking for cat food that'll provide your cat shiny and furry coat as well? Here it is! Hill's Science Diet Dry Cat Food has vitamin E along with omega-3s and -6s, which will render a satin touch to your cat's fur.

Showered with hundreds of positive reviews, this fantastic dry cat food is also veterinarian recommended. Besides protein, carbohydrate, and fatty acids, this boon will also add up amino acids, vitamins, and minerals in your cats' daily diet.


  • Made with natural fibers.
  • Made from high-quality protein.
  • Protects urinary health.
  • Comes in two consistencies.


  • Fillers added.
  • Too many carbs.

Why We Like It:

They have 3 different sizes of packets to choose from. For a demo, you can go for the smaller pack and if your cat gives it a yes then get a larger package. The precise amount of nutrition in this pack of blessings will make sure that your kitty has the shiniest coat and healthiest physique besides total hairball prevention.

As the product is not artificially made or has no added colors, you can trust it at its most while taking care of your dearest kitty.No wonder why more than 220 technicians, veterinarians, nutritionists have suggested purchasing this one.

Blue Buffalo is a brand that has been serving pet owners for a very long time. And this being a product of Blue Buffalo, you can surely trust it. In cases of manufacturing cat foods, nothing can beat the nutrients and taste of real chicken. And that's why this dry cat food has prioritized real chicken.

The protein in Blue Buffalo Hairball Control Dry Cat Food has excellent involvement in developing the muscles of your cat. Plus, it is infused with veggies, grains, and vitamins. You will not see such rare and precise blend of antioxidants, vitamins, and minerals on any other cat food.

Most of the cat food that claims of preventing hairballs tends to make your cats' immune system weaker and results in an upset stomach. But this fantastic brand skillfully prevents hairballs along with strengthening their vitality system.

Cat owner who feed their kitties any sort of cat food often express their fear that their pets are developing extra-weight gradually. But if you put your hands on this awesome-sauce, the pressure of your cats' weight-management will vanish.

Blue Buffalo Dry Cat Food is manufactured in such a way that it can balance your cats' weight. The formula of this cat food will meet all your cats' needs and will offer your pet the healthiest lifestyle. If you want reasonable control over your cats' immune system and healthy, get your hands of this A-1 piece.


  • Ensures stronger immunes system.
  • Infused with vitamins and minerals.
  • Maximum hairball control.
  • Made from organic ingredients.
  • Promotes shiny coat.


  • May cause urinary problems.

Why We Like It:

If your notorious cat often makes things messier by throwing up hairballs, then nothing can be a better substitute than Blue Buffalo Hairball Control Dry Cat Food. Instead of using any artificial ingredients or fasteners, they have always prioritized natural and healthy ingredients.

The natural fiber in this cat food aids a tad more for preventing your cat from unnecessary hairball throw up. Maximum pet owners have said that they have found this cat food pretty cat-friendly. So giving it a try is not a wrong thought at all.

As we've mentioned in the previous product, Blue Buffalo only uses organic and healthy ingredients to ensure your cats' safety and health. The last food cat brought to you by Blue Buffalo was only aiming at hairball prevention. But this another masterpiece focuses on weight control as well.

This brand has deboned chicken as the sole ingredient of their production—cellulose along with psyllium seed husks in their cat food formula. Natural fiber ingredients are the best option you can ever.

The most unusual fact about Blue Buffalo is that they use a very special kibble besides natural ingredients. Your kitty will get his proper amount of vitamins and minerals from those kibbles.

They very carefully process the kibbles, unless the kibbles might lose their potency. Maximum shop-sold cat food tends to cause an imbalance in the weight of many cat breeds. Unlike those bad ones, this high-end product steals the show!

If you prefer your cat's food only organic, then this one is a reasonable bid. According to the experts, there is rarely any brand that blends vitamins and minerals so precisely in any cat food.

The premium-quality protein and fiber sources ensure the healthiest digestion of your dear pet. The precisely balanced protein and fat will be your best friend while trying to maintain your cat's health.


  • Includes natural fiber.
  • Healthy weight control.
  • Aids the immune system.
  • Cuts off excess hairballs.
  • Made from real chicken.


  • A bit of pricey.

Why We Like It:

Now taking care of your feline friend's well-being and health is no more a hard task. You'll find several cat food brands that'll promise you of controlling your cats' hairball issue. But not all of them can keep their promise.

Plus, they tend to make your cat overweight and bulky, which may lead your cat towards heart and kidney disease. Your cat is no less than your baby, right?

Of course, you don't want your cat to be in any trouble. That is why we suggest you give this one a try.

Royal Canin comes with a reputation of giving your cat what they exactly need to stay fit. When it comes to protecting pets from intense hairball issues, Royal Canin Intense Hairball Dry Cat Food has no exception. You can't make your cat refrain from swallowing hair, but you surely cant protect him from gross throw-ups.

Simply feed them this great hairball-proof dry cat food, and they'll not throw up nasty hairs anymore. This high-end brand uses natural fibers so that your pet can easily digest those notorious hair throw the stronger than the digestive server system.

The most amazing this is this cat food comes with other bright sides as well. They have used some good fatty acids and organic fiber. And guess what? Those nutrition points will significantly cut down your cat's inflammation issues as well.

This brand has been served the pet wonder with everything they want and desires for a very long time. Most of the pet lovers and veterinarians have across the judgment that this dry cat food by royal cunning works wonders for cats of almost every breed.

Nasty and notorious hairball leads to digestive weakness in pet cats, that is why this A-1 brand has used some digestive fibers so that you can purr all day. If your cat is having a dull coat or skin problems, then there can't be anything better than Royal Canin Dry Cat Food for him.

We know that some cat breeds come with special nutrition requirements. Those cats comparatively want more amount of vitamins and minerals than others. Keeping those special cats into consideration, we've manufactures this cat food is such a way this it can meet every cat's needs.


  • Includes digestive fibers.
  • Exquisite taste.
  • Heals digestive sensitivity.
  • Manages hairballs better.
  • Meets the needs of every breed.


  • Only for cats older than 1 year.

Why We Like It:

Most of the cat food that is a bit high-end of worth it comes with a costly price tag. Unlike those super-expensive ones, this brand makes a splendid option within an affordable range. If your cat has digestive sensitivities, then this piece can be your ideal choice.

On the other hand, many cat owners complain that they can't find the best cat food for hairball prevention for cat with unique nutrition needs. For them, we suggest this one. We are pretty sure that this one will work wonders!

Here comes another great invention by Hill's Science. Like the dry version, this wet cat food is also the cream of the crop. This diet and dry cat food powered by Hill's Science is aimed at cats at the age of 1 to 6 to rescue their hairball problem radically.

Besides taking action against your cat's unwanted and gross hairball problem, this fantastic cat food by Hill's Science is an excellent piece to protect your cat's urinary system.

The organic and cat-friendly fibers used in this product helps your cat to digest the hairballs. The fibers let the hairballs pass through your cat's digestive system quickly. Plus, the natural ingredients let your cat be healthy by taking care of his all-over health and order.

This wet cat food by Hill's Science is an excellent combination of vitamins, minerals and other required nutrients. The most unique and great thing about this cat food is that it comes in both dry and wet versions. So if your kitty doesn't agree to be wet cat food, we have something else!

Hill's Science is veterinarian recommended cat food, and most of the pet lovers have flourished this product with tons of positive reviews. If you're looking for cat food that'll take care of your cats lean muscle and will strengthen then, no other product can be as good as this high-end hairball preventive wet cat food.


  • Made with digestive ingredients.
  • Strengthens lean muscles.
  • Safeguards urinary system.
  • High-quality protein.
  • Irresistible taste.


  • A bit of pricey.

If you are searching for protein-rich and grain-free food for your loving cat, Blue Wilderness might be your best choice then. Most of the cats love this just because of its delicious flavor.

This is inspired by the diet of the lynx. Blue wilderness is a product produced in Blue Buffalo company. Based on the cats of the United States, Blue Buffalo makes high-quality pet foods that contain real meat, vegetables, and fruits. Blue Wilderness rocky mountain recipe has gained its fame because of its tasty, protein-rich, and Deboned Trout food.

The main attraction of this product is that it doesn't use any artificial preservatives. Its health benefits are beyond any laud that a product can ever have. It helps control hairballs, helps promotes healthy digestion, and supports immune system health.

Blue wilderness has healthy muscle maintenance since real meats in it is the first equipment to supply protein to your cats which needs to thrive. Omega 3& 6 Fatty acids assist in having a shiny and buoyant healthy skin. Are you worried about anything?

Let me guess; you think that your pet cat might throw up this. Don't worry! A group of scientists had observed research on 200 cats, and they have found on their research that 98% of the cats love to enjoy the deliciousness Blue Wilderness.

So, why are you late? Go and grab as many as you can as per your demand!


  • Real meat as the first ingredient.
  • Grain-free formulas available.
  • Includes High-protein.
  • Perfect muscle maintenance.
  • Rendersshiny coat.


  • Chances of diarrhoea.

Why We Like It:

Most of our consumers did let us know in our review section that most of their cat was in the severe constipation problem, and after using Blue wilderness, they found no constipation or hacking up hairballs! This product will help any swallowed hair gently emit from the body.

Some of our users' pet cats had a severe asthma problem. They had complained that their pet had been used to eating Abound Salmon and Sweet potato cat food.

And when they started feeding Blue wilderness to their pet, all of a sudden, they observed that the asthma problem slowly began to attenuate. Hence, to give your pet the best nutrition, we will suggest you choose Blue Wilderness.

So, we've almost come to an end of the best hairball cat food reviews. Wait! Don't even try to assume that the last one is not good enough. Otherwise, Nutro Hairball Control Dry Cat Food wouldn't have been a part of such an excellent review.

Nutro Hairball Control Dry Cat Food with chicken and brown rice recipe is an excellent option for your cat if he's fond of chicken flavor. Various boastful cat food brands claim that they use high-protein chicken in their cat food.

But when we investigated, we found out that they tend to use artificial products. Unlike those cheap and con ones, this delicious cat food by Nutro ensures that your cat gets enough protein.

As we all cat lovers know that protein is not the only thing that our pets require to stay fit. They also need adequate vitamins, fibers, and minerals for a healthy lifestyle. And Nutro provides them with all!

The word 'hairball' is no less than a terror for any cat owner. If you don't take precautions or follow the remedied to the issue, you may lose your cat!

Worried? Don't worry. This high-end cat food by Nutro comes with a promise that your cat will do well as long as your feeding him this delicious and nutritious cat food Nutro. And this cat food is not made from any GMO products.

The most amazing this is this product doesn't include any soy, wheat, corn, or any harmful carbohydrates. Abundant fatty acids and omegas will ensure the WQ proper health of your kitty!


  • No added preservatives.
  • No harmful carbs.
  • Includes antioxidants.
  • No corn.soy or chicken by-meal.
  • Gives your cat a shiny coat.


  • Better option available at the same price.

Why We Like It:

The greatest thing about thing product is that it has no GMO in it.No added preservative and no artificial taste as well. So you can relaxingly feed this cat food to your cat.

This formula comes in both dry and wet versions. So if your think your cat is not into dry cat food, you can feed him the wet hairball prevention cat food by Nutro. This healthy food is an excellent safeguard to your cat's digestive system as well.

If you get your hands on this all-in-one boon, you can keep your cat happy and healthy for a very long time.

Things to Consider Before Purchasing Best Hairball Cat Food

All pet owners are aware of the fact of how notorious pet cats make things messier with their hairballs. If you have a long-haired cat, like Persian or Ragdoll, you know what we mean! And that at the end of the day leads to a lot of swallowed hair.

As the swallowed hair finds no way of proper digestion, it ends up coming out creepily.

Besides consulting an experienced veterinarian, keeping a high grade and hairball proof cat food is a must. And instantly a question arrives which one is the best cat food for hairball prevention?

That's why we've been through thousands of cat food brands. Here, summed up some facts that you gotta keep in mind before getting you hands-on any cat food. A little bit of research is worth safeguarding your pet's health, no?

We hope it helps!


According to the experts, Natural fibers are the worthiest way of providing your cat with the best digestion. You may find the name of edible natural fiber in the ingredient list of any high-end cat food brand.

A Noteworthy fact is too much natural fiber can hazardous for your kitty, which is why we prescribe you to go for a high-end brand to ensure maximum health-insurance. There is no other way safer and more organic than going for natural fiber to protect your cat from a hairball.

Any reputated cat food will surely provide your kitty with a high-protein diet. For carnivorous pets like cats, there is no substitution for protein. That'll also make sure that your pet is fit and healthy enough besides taking care of the hairball issue.

We all know that after a particular age, cats require a meagre amount of carbohydrates. So, try to pick up a cat food keeping the low-carb fact into consideration.

Give priority to those brands which offer an abundant amount of Omega 3 and 6 fatty acids in their cat food.

If your cat isn't able to digest the cat's food even after considering the nutrients, then take a vet's suggestion.


Our cats are no less than a baby. They'll not get a single morsel if the food isn't tasty enough. The best cat food for hairball prevention can't do any magic if you're cat isn't willing to give it a try.

You will find cats' food in both dry and wet consistencies. So, if you're cat isn't willing to east dry cat food, choose the wet ones. And if you're cat is habituated to the dry one, make sure the kitty is hydrated enough.

No one knows what is best for your cat more than you do. Whenever you find things fishy, always go for your instincts.


All the informational discussion will feel like crap if there's no point about considering the price. Not all of us come with an ability to feed our cat the luxurious brand every day.

And it's okay, chill!

Even not every expensive cat food is highly nutritious. Several cat food brands manufacture A-1 cat food within a budget-friendly price. Going for those are worth it!


Your cat can digest food quickly if you add some fresh fruit veggies along with some fiber-rich grains in his diet. As they are infused with antioxidants, they enhance your cat's overall health. Antioxidants work like wonder for making coat glossier, body healthier and decrease hair loss.


What ingredients in a cat food fight against hairballs?

Ans: Cat food which comprises high fiber protein works wonder in cases of safeguarding carnivorous animals from suffering due to hairball problems.

What can I do against gross hairball problems?

Ans: No cat food can precisely protect your kitty from notorious hairballs. But some remedies work wonder to rescue the percentage of unwanted hairballs.

  • Groom your cat frequently.
  • Feed him the best cat food for hairball prevention
  • Use a goof hairball laxative on your pet 

Are hairballs dangerous?

Ans: If the hairball goes into the small into the intestine and gets stuck, a dangerous crisis can occur.

Final Words

We know that very well that your feline friend is no less than your family member to you. That is why we've been through several research and surveys to make sure that we can provide you with the best hairball cat food.

The hairball issue is no less than a massive bizarre case of your kitty. And you can not let this problem pass through your cat's delicate body without taking proper actions against it.

We strongly believe the top 10 hairball cat foods will make your journey of fighting against cat hairball a bit easier.

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