10 Best Guinea Pig Cage for 2 to Build a Piggy Paradise | Reviews 2023

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Guinea pigs are a social animal and badly thrive for company.

Having a single guinea pig is fine but kept them single for a long period of time will lead to loneliness. To see your pet happy and healthy, it is always recommended to find a perfect partner for them.

But to keep a guinea pig pair as a pet, the very first thing you need to ensure is a healthy living space. Yes, I am talking about cage.

Not sure what will be best guinea pig cage setup?

No worry, here is a list of best guinea pig caging for 2 which have the enough the room to play, explore and socialize.

Let’s get started.

Why does Guinea Pig Need Big Cages?

A big cage offers several advantages that you and your pig will enjoy for sure: 

  • One of the best things you can provide to your guinea pig is a big cage. If your pet can’t get adequate space to move, they will become inactive. You will find your pig has become bored and unhappy. So, will you feel happy if your best companion becomes inactive?
  • Adequate space will allow your pig to do exercises. This way, your pig will become fit. And can keep the pair from different types of diseases.
  • Are you a pet parent of 2 guinea pigs? Then, you have no other choice except to select the big cage. You will find your pet has become much more playful than before if you provide the couple with a big cage.
  • By providing a big cage to your pig, you will be able to learn about your pig’s personality more.

Quick Comparison of 3 Best Guinea Pig Cage for 2

Yes, we made a list of best guinea pig cages for the pair. But if you are in a hurry, feel free to jump to the quick overview.


Midwest Deluxe Critter Nation

  • Maximum security.
  • The Small Hammock.
  • 1 Year Warranty.
3rd best

Ware Manufacturing Home Sweet Home Pet Cage

  • Quick and super Easy Assembly.
  • Convenient Top.
  • Unlimited expandability.

Here we are going to the deep of the reviews where we will start reviewing by the top pick to the 10th best gradually. Let's see to have the best one for you.....

Want to give your pig pair a cosy crate to feel like a restful retreat?

With the right crate accessories, you can create that home-like feeling. This Living World Deluxe Habitat is such a den.

Yes, you heard that right.

This x-large offers everything you need for safely housing for the piggy pair. I always prefer a large crate so that the pair gets enough to the room around easily, and this deluxe habitat is just what I was looking for.

And you know what?

The hybrid cage from the living world comes with an upper wireframe along with a plastic bottom base, which makes a comfortable space for the pig pair.

Now Listen:

No matter how big or good the cage is if it isn’t well ventilated then it just a piece of junk to the guinea pig. The good news is this guinea pig habitat is well ventilated and safe for the pig. Features a balcony with an access ramp, this secures the balcony floor.

My female guinea loves the hideaway space which is under the balcony, ofter I see her in that space. It’s probably their hide and seeks game, but so satisfying they feel sound and secure on the den.

What We like most

  • The tip-proof food dish.
  • No tools required for set up.
  • Includes Hay Guard.

What We Didn’t Like

  • No lock crocks.

This is a fun (though expensive) option for your guinea pig pair to keep them happy and safe. The super comfy full-width double doors give you the utmost accessibility so that cleaning won’t be a pain for you. That’s not all about cleaning; feeding the pig will be much easier.

Make sense?

The feature that impresses me most is the dual-locking door latches which are critter-proof. This allows me to handle the door with one hand.

Worried about security?

I notice the pig pair loves to climb on the horizontal wire. I guess the spacing between the wire help them to fulfill their instinct to climb just like wild.

Here is the wow part of this cage:

It’s probably the locking casters. This caster not only keeps the cage in place but also makes it manoeuvrable. On the other hand, the extra height gives additional space for storage.

Look at the ramp cover!

The happy feet will definitely good enough to shield your pigs' feet. At the same time, this impressive cover offers traction and a no-slip passage to climb on.

What We like most

  • Maximum security.
  • The Small Hammock.
  • 1 Year Warranty.

What We Didn’t Like

  • Too expensive.

Let’s be honest:

The Midwest Habital setup is a fairly basic guinea pig cage, but it doesn’t mean it’s not good enough. First, let me confess why I recommend the pig pair.

Here is why:

Provides 8 sq ft of living area, this is a perfect set up for breeders. It’s pretty obvious, they gonna breed and expand a beautiful family. With the dimension of 47 x 24 x 14 inches, this Midwest is a solid den for your piggy couple.

And guess what?

This cage got some cool features to offer- leak-proof, sturdy, and washable. What else can you expect from a perfect guinea pig cage?

The PVC lined canvas bottom is removable and super easy to maintenance. This gives the traction and safety for guinea pig's sensitive feet.

Saving the guineas pig from a predator is a big challenge. Keep this in mind; Midwest made this cage with the wrap of fully removable wire mesh. I love the dividing panel so much. This simple yet effective hack makes a separate place to play and care areas.

What We like most

  • Quick and super Easy Assembly.
  • Convenient Top.
  • Unlimited expandability.

What We Didn’t Like

  • No Hideaways.


The guinea pig needs a place to hide. Even a small hideaway can reduce their stress and gave a quiet place to rest. And that’s why I love this Aivituvin Upgrade Cage so much.

Your guinea pig pair will be living the dream as this cage has a roomy hutch. What they say, it’s a second-generation update.

Want to know what’s impressed me so much?

The impressive extra metal wire netting! That’s not only removable, but the bottom tray is also given so that your piggy will don’t have to stand on their poop. Another great thing about this cage is, they are super easy to clean.

Now let’s see the inner.

With 2.7 ft² upper space, this awesome cage has no plastic leak tray with the 1.8'' depth. This plastic makes it not only lightweight but will easily go mouldy. The casters are made from sturdy stainless steel casters, and metal open roof hinge makes it more attractive.

What We like most

  • Extra sliding door.
  • Exclusive latches.
  • Access ramp.

What We Didn’t Like

  • The ramp is poorly steep.

If you believe in natural green living, then this eco-friendly Lovupet Waterproof Animal House might be a good option for you. This Lovupet Animal House is aesthetically pleasing, quite effective and competitively priced.

How can you beat that?

I love this old-fashioned, classy look which gives a country farm vibe. The top is wrapped up with natural, asphalt material to offer utmost security outside.

As you can see, it’s a wood constructed pig/rabbit cage. What you might miss out that the wood has to go through an anti-fungal treatment ensures so that the piggy couple and the newborn cutie remain healthy.

What about the roof?

The roof is closed, and the best part is you can leave it totally open with the hinged closure. Thus, the rood can be easily peaked so that you can access easily for cleaning. Actually, I bought this cage for my raising rabbits. When the guinea pig makes a pair, used that for the privacy of the piggy couple. And surprisingly function amazing for the pig pair!

Look at the two tiers!

Isn’t it gorgeous? The bunkbed style design animal cage made with a living room and a separate area for playing.

What We like most

  • Long treaded ramp.
  • Includes a sliding tray.
  • Easy cleaning.

What We Didn’t Like

  • Heavyweight, not easy to move.

Give your furry friends an ideal crate combination of freedom and security with Home Sweet Home Pet Cage by Ware Manufacturing.

Yes, you read that right.

This guinea pig enclosed cage is a solid choice for that owner who is looking for a travel-friendly cage to carry their piggy couple. What’s great about this animal house is that you can use this for not only for the guinea pig, this one is perfect for any small animal like rabbits, Chinchillas, and Ferrets.

The feature that distinct from the rest of the other pet cage is the Odor Resistant Materials. We, pet lover, know how tough it is to deal with the odour. From this point, this cage is a big relief.

I know that’s what you’re thinking, the plastic material is ir really sturdy!

Am I Right?

Don’t worry about this; this is Heavy Duty Plastic. Another brilliant thing about this cage is the chew proof powder coated wire. Under 7-pound weight, this is really a good cage to carry around.

What We like most

  • Easy to assemble.
  • Two-piece design.
  • Stain Resistant Materials.

What We Didn’t Like

  • Not recommend as regular guinea pig cage.

7th BEST 

The Petsfit Rabbit Hutch Grey is no ordinary pig house. The designer at for Petsfit watched closely how guinea pigs eat, rest, play and socialize and then developed an ideal home for them. Every Habitat was meticulously used to keep your guinea pigs healthy, and sound.

And here’s what’s crazy:

It just looks like a piece of regular furniture in your backyard. This stuff is really solid enough to protect your pet from the predator, not only good for the guinea pig but also works great for rabbits or any small pets.

Let me say this straight:

When it comes to convenience, this cage isn’t the lighter, but it does a marvelous job in lasting long. The outer dimension is 36" L x 20" W x 30" H; this stuff is pretty cool in giving a healthy home-like feeling to your guinea pig pair.

Here is the best part:

Removable bottom makes it easy to clean. Plus, the Pull-out tray design makes cleaning a breeze. Made from top notch component, this cage won’t do any harm to your pets.

What We like most

  • Waterproof.
  • Durable.
  • Top and front door openings.

What We Didn’t Like

  • No accessories added with the cage.

Roomy space, low maintenance and reasonable price!

What else can you expect from a pet cage?

This Small Animal Cage from Prevue Hendryx has some beautiful features to beat any high priced guinea pig cage. I am not kidding; the package included 1 Ramp and one platform.

Sound’s amazing, right?

Two impressive, big doors, 1 on the top and another one on the side, help you to access easily to the precious pet effortlessly. The Cocoa Brown shade with White mesh gives an elegant look without any doubt.

What about safety?

Coated with Non-toxic powder finish, this cage is 100% safe for your pet as well as for you. Extra deep 6.5-inch plastic pan not only gives extra space but also makes it easy to clean. The coolest thing about this animal house is probably the Tubular steel stand; it’s can easily be moved from indoors to outdoors.

What We like most

  • The shelf plus platform.
  • Extra deep pan.
  • Castered base.

What We Didn’t Like

  • Not good enough for pair.

9th BEST 

This actually a good starter kit for first-time guinea pig owners or 'cavy' enthusiasts who struggling to tame the guinea pig.

Such a compact guinea pig home comes with literally everything you need to take good care of your furry pair, including food dish to the water bottle.

But wait – there’s more.

With the deep base, this animal house is gonna give your pet a fun, cozy feeling. The solid constructed spacious cage is designed to keep piggy pair happy and active, while allow interacting with you and the kids.

The hideaway area is most probably the best part of this cavie cage. This small yet quiet place give your pet the privacy they seek most.

See the difference?

A full-length front door makes regular routine cleaning easier than ever. When it's time to change the litter, simply take the plastic base and wash them thoroughly under tap water- simple and efficient.

What We like most

  • Accessories included.
  • Elevated feeding tray.
  • Secure side latches.

What We Didn’t Like

  • Don’t have any door to open from the top.

Finding a good guinea pig cages is not a joke.

Especially when you aim to search for a pair! But this 2-level guinea pig will definitely amaze you with it’s a superior design to comfort your pet friend.

So what’s so special about it?

Well, there are a million reasons to fall in love with this animal cage. A full 8 sq ft of living space is undoubtedly good enough to make a new home for the guinea pig pair.

Now look at the cage carefully, it’s a 2-Piece Base pet house. This design is actually developed for easy assemble. Apart from guinea pig, this could be a great habitat for the rabbit.

Let’s see what’s includes with the cage: 

  • 2 wavy ramps.
  • 2 comfort shelves.
  • Food dish.
  • Casters

What We like most

  • Well-positioned ladders.
  • Safety ramp.
  • Lightweight.

What We Didn’t Like

  • The water bottle is not included.

Types of Guinea Pig Cages

Aquariums: It is one of the most widely used guinea pig cages. This cage type is most popular among new pet parents. Unfortunately, the air ventilation system is inferior in this cage type, and it is too small for a guinea pig.

Commercial Cage: This is another type of cage and earned popularity in recent times. At every pet store, you will find this cage, and it provides enough room for a guinea pig.

You need to pay a decent amount of $ to purchase a commercial cage, especially when you are looking for a significant habitat for your pig.

Coroplast and Cubes: It is a gold standard type cage that offers enough room for your pig to play around. Coroplast is a sort of corrugated plastic that is widely used for manufacturing signage.

The best feature of this cage is, its lifespan is high.

Homemade Cage: You can customize your guinea pig cage by yourself using coroplast and cubes. But you can use other materials also and show your creativity.

While making a diy guinea pig cage, make sure you are providing enough room for your pig. And it has to be well-ventilated as well as the material should be high-quality.

Things to Consider While Purchasing Cage for guinea pig pair

It is significantly essential to pick the right product for your pig. To assist you in making a precise decision, I have created this section.

Below are a few bullet points that you need to keep into consideration while purchasing a guinea pig cage.

Safety first!

Accessibility and security is a crucial factor. Standard quality guinea pig cage comes with a secure access door. And safety is confirmed.

Quality matters!

A big cage doesn’t mean better quality. The material quality of a guinea pig cage has to be high-quality. Some guinea pigs tend to chew the cage material, which is harmful to their health. Make sure; your guinea pig can’t chew the cage material. So, high-quality material is a must.

The bottom line?

Don’t go for the stylish cage if no comfortability is confirmed.

Does it have proper ventilation?

Good quality guinea pig cage offers appropriate ventilation. Guinea pig’s feet are significantly sensitive. So, while purchasing, avoid any wire mesh running surfaces.

Consider low maintenance cage

Confirm, you can clean and do maintenance without any hassle.

Don’t go for the cage that does you much hassle to set up. Generally, you can set them up without taking any help from any tool. The cage has to be durable enough to provide you with an extended period of service.

FAQs About The Best Guinea Pig Cage for 2

Can guinea pigs have two level cages?

Answer: Guinea pigs are scared of height. So, they love to have a cage that is flat and not 2 levels.

Is a Midwest cage big enough for two guinea pigs?

Answer: The dimension of the Midwest cage is 2 feet X 4 feet. It means 8 square feet. This size is a minimum requirement of 1 guinea pig.

What should I put in my guinea pig cage?

Answer: Many things you can put into your guinea pig cage. The most necessary things are: 

  • Food container.
  • Bottle for water.
  • Hayrack.
  • Toys.
  • A small hide house.

Should I get one or two guinea pigs?

Answer: If your guinea pig doesn’t have at least 1 playmate, they will feel lonely. So, it is advisable to get 2 guinea pigs.

Should I cover my guinea pigs cage at night?

Answer: Yes, you can. This way, your guinea pig will feel safe. Simply confirm, you left enough space for ventilation.

What is the best house for a guinea pig?

Answer: For 1 guinea pig: 7.5 square feet sized cage will be the right choice. And if you are a pet parent of 2 guinea pigs, the preferable size is 10.5 square feet.

Final Verdict

Guinea pig is a social and friendly pet.

The lifespan of a guinea pig is nearly 6 – 8 years. And over the full lifespan, they have to spend their life inside a cage. I have already mentioned some of the finest picks from the market right now.

Now it’s your turn!

Good luck ya’ll!

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