7 Best Exercise Wheel for Rats | Top Reviews 2023

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Rats are really cute animals. Wait a minute, not your household rodents. We are talking about pet rats. And to keep your rats healthy, you should ensure they exercise in their cage. For that, get the best exercise wheel for your rats.

We are going to cover everything you need to know before you buy any exercise wheel for your pet rat. Going to discuss the dimension, what benefits you are getting, and the drawbacks that may clear any of these listed items from your cart will also add why you should get any of them.

Quick Comparison of 3 Best Exercise Wheel for Rats


Kaytee Silent Spinner Assorted Exercise Wheel

  • Reasonably Cheap.
  • Despite the fact that plastic build quality is strong.
  • Non-slipper.
  • You can use it for both wavy and curly hair.
3rd best

Silent Runner Exercise Wheel + Cage Attachment

  • Much silent wheel than many other metal wheels.
  • Cage fixable straps.
  • Not as heavy as it looks.
  • Good choice for Chinchillas, sugar glider, and medium-sized rats.

Still confused! Cannot take your final decision! Let's dig down a bit when we are going to cover all the 7 items that we got after doing in-depth research. We will start by the overall best pick and will cover all the items gradually. Let's see which one suits for you.....


Quality Cage Crafters 15" Chin Spin Chinchilla Wheel

At the start, we are going to add the best pick for you. This 15" handmade wheel is the best exercise wheel for chinchilla rats. This product is our first pick for multiple reasons. It has more space for any breed of rat. More strong build quality than plastic made exercise wheels. Wide running space to handle bigger and more than 1 rat while playing. Easy to set a clean option.

This wheel is also very solid in build quality. It is made by combining both wood and metals. It's an open cage, but with its 6 and 1/4" width of the track is enough for a big rat to fit. Its heavy build keeps the wheel sustaining for a long.

Metals are also very smooth and almost rust free. Besides, you’ll be out of hassle to change it each year. One of these will remain usable for more than a year. And if it doesn’t reach your satisfactory level, then you can get a replacement or refund.

One of the best reasons to suggest this product because it’s really easy to clean. Rats will mess it up with food or sometimes their waste. Its smooth metal body makes your cleaning process quite easy. Also, as this is a half open-wheel, this makes your job half done. You won't have to bother opening the thing whole clean and then fix it again. You can do this quicker than you are thinking.


  • Solid build for handling many years of use.
  • Bigger size for bigger rats.
  • Open-wheel makes your rat comfortable for fitting in.
  • No metal clinking sound.


  • Needs a bigger cage to install.
  • Not perfect for the lighter cage (Rattling Sound).

Why We Like It:

We recommend it to those pet parents who have Chinchillas. Chinchilla is a larger breed, so it needs more exercise. And you can get this for multiple rats too. This wheel is heavy for a cage but not for rats. This is really smooth when it spins.

Doesn't get stuck even after years of use. And there is always an option for you to get it greased. If you are thinking, will your rat chew the wood? Then the answer is it's not made to attract the rat for chewing it. You can seal it if you think your rat is going to chew on it. So, all in all, this is the best choice though it's a little high in price.

runner up BEST PICK

Kaytee Silent Spinner Assorted Exercise Wheel

This second exercise of our list is for those who have a smaller or lighter cage. The first one was the best but not for all. You may have a smaller cage, or even you may keep your rats in an aquarium, then this is for you.

Kaytee Silent Spinner is specially designed for being a silent one. However, this is not 100% silent at all. You will get a quieter wheel than any other within this price. Metal wheels are really great, but there is no way you can ignore the sound in the night. Even the sound of drinking water from a bottle is enough to make light sleepers wake up.

Kaytee Silent Spinner is a plastic build wheel. And our 2nd best exercise wheel to choose. It's made for both cage and aquarium. You can just set this on your cage or even try to bind it with cable. And if you are a good handyman, you can try to get some bolt screws and remove that holder to fix it with your cage.

The thing we like about this is being a lightweight wheel. It is only 1.8 lbs, which is really light to set in a cage. Metal cages are good for heavy cages but they can’t be suitable for a smaller cage.

Smaller cages can't handle heavy metal exercise wheels and make awkward noises. You won't like to have a bad sleep just because your rat is playing and also don't want to put your pet in another room. You can choose this one.


  • Reasonably Cheap.
  • Despite the fact that plastic build quality is strong.
  • Non-slipper.


  • Not wide enough for bigger rats.
  • Not silent as promised.

Why We Like It:

It is the most affordable wheel that you can find for a bigger rat. This is not the best exercise wheel on your list, but it is a good one.

Except for some owners with overgrown Chinchillas, everyone liked it. Your mature medium-sized Chinchillas or Hedgehog is safe on this wheel. And if you have a smaller rat, that makes it more recommended for you—the best thing about it.

You can set this wheel on a free stand or fix it with the cage. Most owners complained it made more noise when bound to the cage. So if you don't want to bind the wheel to the cage that makes a choice easy. You are looking exactly at the right product.


Silent Runner Exercise Wheel + Cage Attachment

Silent Runner exercise wheel is for those who like to bind with a cage. This wheel comes with some attachments that will help you to bind the wheel to the cage.

This silent runner is made for keeping the noise as low as possible. This 12-inch runner is not much of a heavy wheel for being a metal one. Besides, most buyers complain about rattling sounds from metal wheels. This wheel comes with some adjustable straps that make the binding more effective.

A bigger rat will always make more rotation to the wheel. The more it spins, the more it makes noise. This one is a good choice because of the easy strapping that comes with the product for free.


  • Much silent wheel than many other metal wheels.
  • Cage fixable straps.
  • Not as heavy as it looks.
  • Good choice for Chinchillas, sugar glider, and medium-sized rats.


  • The price is high for available features.
  • Size should be 14 or 15 inches.

Why We Like It:

From our perspective, this one is good for the cage. Your rat can have way more fun running on this wheel than just running on a cage surface. Most wheels are not designed to fit in cages. It’s one of the best exercise wheels for rats that fits easily in a cage.

The pre-packaged strips are strong enough to hold it. And you are safe from any unwanted accident. This wheel also gets you some tools to open and fix the wheel on the small house of your small family member.


Kaytee Comfort Wheel Giant 12 Inches

This giant 12 inches wheel is really comfortable for your rats. This is made of high-quality plastic. It’s not a product that may break with a simple bump. Really good materials are used to make it stronger and durable. It's almost a pound and a half. This heaviness proves that it is much more durable than most other wheels that come at this price.

This is not just a comfort wheel by name. It also makes sure about the comfort that is not only for your rat but for you too. This one makes very little noise that you can notice. However, many buyers complain it makes noise after a long time of use. And we also recommend you to use it maximum for 1 year or so.

This comfort wheel is talk of the hedgehog community. So, this is a must-try option if you have a hedgehog. That doesn't make it exclusive because, if you have a hamster, then you should keep this on the list. This one is also a great toy for a hamster.

But this product is not a good option for Chinchillas or any breed that is big like them. This middle shaft is quite long for an exercise wheel. Your big rat will fit into it, but they have to bend their back to run on this. Which is a drawback we have to warn you except that it’s a great option. If you have a medium-sized rat, then it is perfect.


  • Value for money.
  • Safe for your pet.
  • Durable enough.
  • Makes less noise than any other product.


  • Not fit for all rats.
  • The running surface is not wide enough for larger rats.

Why We Like It:

We have told you that if you have bigger rat-like chinchillas or bermeus rat, then it's not a product you should use out of the box. But it doesn’t make any difference and won’t restrict you from purchasing it as the shaft is removable and adjustable.

You can change its length per your need if you feel your rat is having a problem with its shaft. You can keep this as a free stand and cage wired mode; the choice is yours. And whenever you feel like it’s making noise, all you have to do is just put some vegetable oil.

And voila! The noise is reduced like the new one. This is more recommended to owners who have smaller rats like hamsters, hedgehogs, or sugar gliders. If you want your rat to be comfortable and play with his or her toy, you should definitely get this one.


Nail-O-Matic Insert PLUS Wodent Wheel Senior & Tail Shield

If you want a great product just out of the box, this is one of them. Wodent wheel senior & tail shield has a lot to offer. This is made for smaller rats. This has a diameter of 11 inches. So you can't expect to fit big chinchillas, also not a big sugar glider. But what you can expect is getting a fun toy for medium sugar gliders to smaller rats like hedgehog and hamster. They can easily fit in.

This wheel is built with high-quality plastic. And feel a little heavy for plastic. And as you know, heaviness says for strength. This is a very good wheel which can be used for a very long time. You don't have to worry about changing it in years.

Besides, it is almost noise-free. You won't even feel the noise for a fair amount of time. With longer use and millions of rotation, this might become a little noisy. It's controllable; all you have to do is put some oil that won't harm your pets. And that’s all to reduce the noise.

However, a nail trimmer is one of the fabulous features it offers. Your rats' nail needs to be trimmed from time to time. Especially if you have a sugar glider, it’s not just for you to avoid scratch while petting your rat; also, this is important for your pets' safety.

This wheel comes with a trimmer pad that fits into the regular runway pretty easily. So, you’ll have relaxation as they can trim nails while having fun. When it comes to fun, safety is the opposite, but with this closed design, there is no chance your rat can slip and skid out of the running machine.


  • Nail trimmer for reducing complexity.
  • Sturdy Build Quality.
  • Close to no noise wheel.
  • Worth spending money.


  • Closed design (Makes cleaning harder).
  • Cage mounting is not satisfactory.

Why We Like It:

This one is a great choice for those who want their rats to be self-cared for and safe. Nail trimming is not a good practice in the animal, but the owner has to do it anyway. This wheel makes this easy for both the pet and pets' parents.

Your rat can enjoy its playtime and get the nails done without any efforts. And it really qualifies as a safety measurement. The closed design makes the wheel safer for running and jumping for your rat without falling out and hard itself badly. Though this has difficulty in cleaning and maintaining this one is surely a good choice.


Exotic Nutrition Sandy Track - for Silent Runner 12" Regular Glow Wheel

This product is not a wheel itself, but we had to pick this because it offers a lot more than it is made for. The previous wheel we reviewed has this extra feature of trimming nails. So this product is one alternative that you can use instead of your regular wheel.

This track is really highly recommended, even being a track only. This is a fusion of plastic and soft abrasive materials. You can merely feel the difference between metals and plastic. The flexibility is a top-notch feature that can be used on any 12 inches regular exercise wheel.

The track is 3.5" in width and adjustable to install in any wheel. Because it can be installed and removed whenever you need it, you can easily wash it. The trimmer is soft and effective. Your rats' nails will be done while they are playing. Also, this one is reusable for a lifetime.

One thing you should remember all the time is that you should never leave your trimming track for more than 24-36 hours. Trimming is necessary for your pet’s safety, but if the nails are too trimmed, they might not get a grip on the wheel. This may lead to grievous injury to your small pet.


  • It takes less than a minute to install.
  • Adjustable to a regular wheel.
  • The cleaning process is much easy.
  • Use for a lifetime.


  • Not wide enough, actually.
  • Can't use for longer than a day and have to keep great care, or your pet might injure itself.

Why We Like It:

If you feel it's bothersome to you, maintain your rats' nail. And if your rat is a redneck when it comes to cleaning, then this is your choice. Many species of rats grow their nails very quickly, like sugar gliders, hamsters, etc. Did you get one of those?

Then you know the hustle to keep their nails in shape so they don't scratch each other, and you can also pet them without irritation or itching. And if you have an Exotic Nutrition Silent Runner Wheel. Then you should get this track for your wheel and complete your set.


Kaytee Run-About 7" Exercise Ball, Moon Glow - Assorted colors

This is our last product on the list. And this is not a wheel you usually look for. This ball is a perfect toy for your little friend, who is very unsteady. Hamsters or Gerbils are known as busy rats. This is for them. If you want your pet to get some real-life adventure of running around, this one is good to go product. Just let your rat run around your balcony or yard with safety.

The ball is made of qualified rubber materials. This one is 7.88 x 7 x 7.5 inches in dimension and just about 6.08 ounce in weight. In its 7 inch space, your tiny pet should easily fit in. This lightweight ball lets your rat roll it around effortlessly. The rubbery material is scratch-proof, and it’ll leave a peaceful state despite having multiple uses.

When your rat makes his cage messy, this ball is a perfect resting place while you clean. And you can keep your friend in that ball and enjoy your time playing. Get your rat out in the yard and let him play in nature in a safe and comfortable environment. And do the cleaning job worries.


  • It has simple yet nutritious ingredients.
  • This food is completely grain-free.
  • It has natural and locally produced elements.
  • It is a very cost-efficient dog food.


  • Gets cloudy after some time.
  • The door is not well fixed.

Why We Like It:

If you are fond of playing with your rat on open, this one is really a great choice. You should let your pet have some fun outside his cage. Exercise in a fixed place is good. Your rat may enjoy it more when he is out in the open.

This gives it a real-world experience of running around and also provides safety. You don't want to lose your favorite rat, letting it out in the open and have it injured by stray cats. Or you should not worry where your friend has gone while you are cleaning his cage.

This is a great product for both the pet and the owner. There isn't any major reason not to buy this toy. Maybe your child wants to play with your rat but scared to get near, and then this toy can break the fear wall between them.

How to choose the best exercise wheel for rats?

Buying an exercise wheel is a tough choice. But we made it easier for you by providing the necessary details to get one. Even though you may get the hint which one to buy, we are going to give final words you should check.


The first thing you should check before buying anything is safety. Your rats are very agile. You don't want them to get hurt by making the wrong decision. Always remember and try to understand how safe it will be for your pet, whatever wheel you get for them.

Build quality:

Build quality is the next important factor. You don't want a poorly built wheel and unusable after a very short period of time. This also concerns your rats' safety. Can't imagine breaking from the shaft while those cute little ones are playing.

Lesser Noise:

Noise is not a huge thing to concern but also not a small thing to ignore. You should get the best exercise wheel that is comfortable for your rat. And also, let you have a good night's sleep without making awkward noises.

Cleaning process:

It's the last thing to check. If you are not good at opening and fixing things back, then you should not pick a closed design wheel. Your cleaning method should be less bothering when you choose any wheel as well as you need to purchase a good cage for your pet rat. 

Final Verdict

What we have covered till now this is the best guide for anyone to decide which wheel they should buy. You must get the best exercise wheel for your rats. This just doesn’t make your little friend happy and also serves a great deal to its health. Rats usually run a lot. This keeps their hearts -healthy. In fact, you don’t want your little pet to get weak long before their natural lifespan.

Study shows a rat can live from 2 years up to 12 years. And this lifetime depends a lot on their running, where a study shows a rat runs more than 2.5 KM per day. So if you are expecting to cover that much in that cage, you should think again. Get an exercise wheel that you like and keep it to make your tiny friend happy.

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