6 Best Dog Kennel for Separation Anxiety to Calm an Anxious Dog (2023)

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Just like us, dogs experience anxiety. Let me take a wild guess; recently you are facing this with your furry friend.

Sounds familiar?

Well, it’s pretty normal. And you will be surprised to know that approximately around 14 percent of dogs experience separation anxiety. In simple word, separation or isolation anxiety is the dog’s fear of left alone.

So it’s a pretty normal emotion. But the scenario gets worse when they start unpleasant behaviour like barking or destroying the house madly.

So what’s the way to deal with it smartly?

Well, today we’ll explore some Best dog kennel for separation anxiety which may help your pooch to feel safer while you are not around.

But before dive in the review of crate, let me help you to educate about isolation and separation anxiety of dog. Let’s get started.

Quick Comparison of 3 Best Dog Kennel for Separation Anxiety


Didog Escape Proof Harness

  • Size: 48-Inch w/ Divider.
  • Style: Single Door.
  • Weight: 40 pounds.
  • Color: Black.
  • Material: Metal.
3rd best

Petnation Port-a-Crate

  • Size: 36-Inch.
  • Color: Brown.
  • Capacity: 70 pounds.
  • Dimensions: 36 x 25 x 25 inches.

Are Crates Good For Dogs With Separation Anxiety?

Good question.

First of all, let’s talk about what separation anxiety is. Its actually a disorder named SAD (Separation anxiety disorder) which dog experience when the owner is away. This causes excessive anxiety and builds a strong emotional attachment. On the other, some bread is separation anxiety dogs.

Wondering why this happen?

Most of the time, this happens with the puppy which has been adopted at a very early age. They started to think the owner is there mummy or daddy and make a dependence. Then the guardian prepares to leave the house they are left alone just like a human baby.

The question: To Crate or Not to Crate?

Well, the best way to deal with the dog’s isolation anxiety by educating him to enjoy when he is being left alone. Train your puppy to make its own world in the kennel may help a little bit.

But don’t expect curing dog separation anxiety quickly. It takes time to get adjusted and deal with fear. So be compassionate and help your furry friend to cope with the anxiety.

Help Your Dog to Cope Up the Worries with These 6 Best Dog Kennel for Separation Anxiety

If you yearn for urgent advice needed for a rescue dog with separation anxiety, I have something for you. Here is our review of 6 best crates for dog with separation anxiety to tame his aggression.

Specification at a Glance

  • Color: Black.
  • Weight: 75.20 lbs.
  • Material: Metal.
  • Weight 75.20 lbs.
  • Is Assembly Required: No.
  • Dimensions: 37.00 x 25.34 x 33.75 inches.

I found this ProSelect Empire Dog Cage is a dog forum where the owner shares his success story in rescue the puppy from the isolation fear.

And after trying this, I was quite satisfied.

The 20-Gauge Steel Cage has ample of space for an adult doggy. Seems like, This ProSelect dog crate is pretty solid with reinforced steel tubes (0.5-inch diameter).

Let me confess one thing:

I wasn’t a supporter to put my dog on the cage at any cost. It makes me feel guilty of putting furry in prison. Later I found out, it’s not as bad as I thought. In fact, it gives him some sort of privacy which is also healthy.

And this was my first crate to try. As I mention, I am quite happy with the Medium-Sized kennel. The Floor Grate comes with a removal Tray which makes cleaning a breeze. And that’s a huge plus because cleaning poop is the most painful experience as a pet owner for me.

Here is the best feature of this kennel:

From my viewpoint, it’s the Removable Casters. This simple stuff in the bottom of the cage really saved my life. This is because the caster allows the owner to roll the cage wherever they want.

What We like most

  • Added stability.
  • Thick steel construction along with strong latches.
  • Easy to assemble.

What We Didn’t Like

  • A bit too pricey.

Specification at a Glance

  • Size: 48-Inch w/ Divider.
  • Style: Single Door.
  • Weight: 40 pounds.
  • Color: Black.
  • Material: Metal.

When plastic kennel can’t stand up to the furry’s chewing, the Midwest Homes for Pets Dog Crate is the answer.

Yes, you heard that right.

Durable design makes this cage not a prison but a safe place for the dog while you're away. We all know, dog has the natural “den” instincts. The single-door style kennel by MidWest is the smartly designed crate completely around the safety, and comfort of your pooch.

Features like slide-bolt latches, E-Coat finish, rounded corners, and a removable pan makes it one of the finest crates for dogs with separation anxiety which gives your dog a den-like feeling.

What about cleaning?

The plastic pan can be easily removed for wash which allows you to clean the poop and other dirt without sweating the blood.

The coolest part:

Two strong slide-bolt latches nicely lock the cage door in place so that the puppy gets secured. The Assemble super easy, you can set up in seconds without any extra tool. The portable design allows to folds flat which mean you can move it easily.

What We like most

  • Convenient storage.
  • ABS plastic handles.
  • Make repositioning easy.

What We Didn’t Like

  • The top latch is not easy to open for puppy.

Specification at a Glance

  • Size: 36-Inch.
  • Color: Brown.
  • Capacity: 70 pounds.
  • Dimensions: 36 x 25 x 25 inches.

Introducing the first-ever, portable kennel Petnation port-a-crate! Petnation port-a-crate e2 indoor/outdoor pet home is just not a kennel, it’s a solution.

Think I’m exaggerating?

Nicely weaved mesh fabric panels wrapped up with a strong steel frame, you can use it in both Indoor and Outdoor Home. Without any tools, you can set up and folds down this dog cage just within few second.

Portable, Lightweight and convenient!

What else you can expect from a pet kennel. This stuff is really cool for short outings. This 36 x 25 x 25 inches, strong breaks my perception that all Chinese item are craps.

Let’s talk about construction.

I have to admit, Ingenious Construction to make for puppy happy. The unique designed Port-A kennel offers a great enclosure for your pet. The exterior is made from a tight weave mesh fabric to offer superior strength.

Look at the tiny windows!

Mesh windows act like a honeycomb to uplift airflow throughout the kennel; offering a comfy den for your dog to enjoy while you are not around.

Unlike you, Petnation also concerns about pet safety. That’s why all parts are made of non-toxic materials so that your dog gets a safe, secure crate.


Don’t forget to remove your dog's leash, collar and all that stuff before placing him in his den to avoid accidental choking.

What We like most

  • Easy cleaning.
  • Maximum Airflow.
  • Simple to breakdown.

What We Didn’t Like

  • The front zipper is a crap.

Specification at a Glance

  • Color: Black.
  • Style: Double-Door.
  • Size: 36-inch.
  • Interior: Composite Plastic.
  • Meterial: Metal.
  • Storage: Folds flat.

Reduce housebreaking time drastically with the help of amazonbasics single door & double door folding metal dog crate.

But first of all, let me clear one thing:

This pet cage is suggested for medium-sized breeds like Golden Retrievers or Blue Heelers, in simple word dog’s weight in between 25 - 75 lbs. Some large breeds which are in between (76 - 90 lbs)- like Boxers and German Shepherds can also be accommodated.

With the double-door folding, this strong cage offers exceptional convenience. Not only as a calming dog crate, but this metal kennel is also a great option for training and potty educating.

How ironic!

The thing I really love about this cage is the optional divider panel; this really makes my life easier when it comes to the time of isolation.

Featuring 2 swing-open doors-one is on the front, and the other one is on the side so that your furry friend get easier access to your pet.

Apart from access, these 2 swing-open doors do cleaning and make bedding for him much easier. The 2 slide-bolt latches ensure secure containment.

What We like most

  • Versatile Divider Panel.
  • Folding benefit makes it easy to store.
  • Durable Metal Construction.

What We Didn’t Like

  • Not for the little puppy.

Specification at a Glance

  • Color: Black.
  • Size: Small.
  • Dimensions: 24 x 18 x 19 inches.
  • Weight: 5 pound.
  • Material: metal.

Carlson pet products crate is the most ergonomic dog crate we came across.

The den-like environment gives your dog a safe, cosy space to relax. No matter whether the bread is small or large; this stuff has a good chunk of size.

Wondering Why Carlson?

Well, they strive to make the most innovative pet product lines. Over the decades, pet lover has relied on Carlson accessories in their home and at the time of travel.

The Compact crate comes with a single door with an impressive locking system for utmost safety. And the best part, setup is pretty simple and no need for any additional tools for it.

And Guess What?

Its complete portability makes it so beloved. All you have to do folds flat and locks in place. And it’s ready for storage.

Cool, isn’t it?

Perfect for on the go or outdoor travel. Though I used the small one for my cutie puppy, there is plenty of option when it comes to size. Choose the one which is the right fit for your pet.

If you are too concern about safety like me, then you will be glad to know this stuff is certified to both JPMA and ASTM standards. The removable bottom tray allows the owner to clean the messes effortlessly.

What We like most

  • Multi-point lock for security.
  • Easy to set up.
  • All-metal crate.

What We Didn’t Like

  • The quality of latches.

Specification at a Glance

  • Color: Black.
  • Material: Nylon, Mesh.
  • Size: 24"L x 18"W x 21"H.
  • Weight: 9 pound.
  • Recommended weight: Up to 25 pounds.

Give your puppy a place to feel safe with EliteField Soft Dog Crate while he is alone.

Perfect for travelling from here to there, this kennel makes a special place in the pet owner’s heart. Made from durable steel tubing, this has been one of the lightest dog crates so far.

I know that’s what you’re thinking, is this really sturdy enough?

Well, the frame is designed with a steel tube; while the cover is made of top-notch 600D fabric. And the hex mesh fabric allows airflow so that your puppy gets a stylish, well-ventilated cage.

Look at the door placement closely.

3 mesh doors are there to ensure enough airflow, light and breathability. Besides this, two accessory pockets to carry doggies asseccories while travelling. Another great advantage, the bed and cover is washable.

What We like most

  • Free carrying bag.
  • Lightweight design.
  • Fleece bed included.

What We Didn’t Like

  • If your puppy is a chewer, this is not the right one.

How do I know if my dog has separation anxiety?

Here is a list of some common symptoms that indicate your friend is suffering from separation anxiety.

Chewing and Digging

Chewing is the most common sign that the dog is somehow stressed or upset. Usually, they start chewing door frames or window when the isolation period starts to reach their guardian.

Here is the main problem of such behaviours:

It may result in self-injury which may turn really bad. It causes broken nails /teeth, and scraped paws. Just notice something, is it happen when you are with him?

If no, then you got the answer, your puppy has isolation anxiety.

Excessive Urinating and Defecating

Another common symptom is excessive urinate or defecate when they have separation anxiety. The emotional response triggers excessive urination.

Whine to excess, bark or sometimes howling

Do you know, human also has this disorder?

I know it’s surprising but true. This usually happens at the time of the childhood development period. In case of the dog, whine to excess, barking is pretty common unusual behaviour.

Refuse to go on crate

Another great indicator, when it comes to going on the crate, they start barking and sometimes starting crying.

What to look for when buying an isolation anxiety crate?

Thinking to buy a new one to calm the anxious dog?


Here are a few factors to tee up your cage for the anxious dog.

Right size

According to manufacturers, about 90% of the cage returns are because of buying the wrong sized cage for the pet.

Too true!

To avoid this, first of all, measure the spaces and your breed before you placing the order. Most of the pet manufacturer makes various sizes as age and breed is a huge concern of dog. Please make sure, the cage is not too big or small for your dog.

Travel friendly

Dude, it’s really a big deal.

Lightweight and travel-friendly cage mean you can move it anywhere you want.

Removal and washable tray

Handling poop is not a cup of tea.

Another big aspect, anxious dog urinate a lot when he/she is panicked. When you come back home, cleaning that shit won’t be pleasant, especially after work. That’s why ensure you pick the one with a removal tray.


No wonder, anxious dog get furious and destructive when he/she is stressed out in fear of left alone. That’s why pick the one which is strong enough to handle the chewing and barking.

Does Having Two Dogs Help With Separation Anxiety?

Ok, for a moment, think about what’s the core problem behind the isolation anxiety.

The fear of left alone, am I right?

But when there is another company, it will be less stressful for him or her as no more loneliness. So are dogs happier with a second dog?

I am not saying this will solve the problem of isolation fear, but the pair may help him or her to enjoy the time and create my own world when the owner is not around. It could be a cat or any other pet.

When shouldn’t you put your anxious dog on the crate?

If the issue gets more serious, just putting him on the cage will make the situation more serious.

Final Verdict

Before wrapping up, let me remind you of one thing:

It’s not the intention to choose a crate for regular use. You are picking something where you have to leave your anxious pet alone. That’s why you have to be a little bit extra careful.

Another point, be patient and compassionate to your dog. The poor fellow is already suffering. Help him with cope up the situation by making the crate a Disneyland to enjoy the time when you are not around.

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