12 Best Dog Ear Cleaner Reviews | Best Buying Guide 2023

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One of the primary reasons why most dog owners visit the veterinary clinic is ear infections and diseases. However, most of these dog owners are ignorant that manageable issues such as debris, dirt, and wax accumulation could cause these infections. Although, most dog ear infections are also caused by various microorganisms that your pet is exposed to, dog ear cleaning could go beyond nominal water washing and dirt removal to a more therapeutic activity using some formulated products called dog ear cleaners and you could follow this best dog ear cleaner reviews.

Dog ear cleaners formulated with a chemical or non-chemical solution that is either in wipes or tubes, designed to cure and prevent dog ear infections and maintain a healthy ear for your dog. There are many brands of dog ear cleaners out there that could save your veterinary expenses, and keep your dog's ear in good shape and health.

However, it is not every product that is called a dog ear cleaner that is reliable and safe for your dog. We have reviewed the available market dog ear cleaners and based on popular consumer reviews, quality, pricing and availability of these products, and we have listed out the best dog ear cleaners that would keep your dog's ear healthy and sound perception worthy.

Quick Comparison Amongst The Top 10 Best Dog Ear Cleaner


Vet Organics EcoEars Dog Ear Cleaner

  • Fast acting solution.
  • Contains no synthetic or pharmaceutical agents.
  • Treats multiple microbial infections.
  • Cleans, remove dirt, prevent wax build-up and deodorize.
3rd best

PPP Pet Aroma Care Ear Wipes

  • Very easy to use.
  • Contains Aloe Vera which soothes the skin.
  • Could be used only twice a week.
  • Highly cost effective.

Here are the details of our top 12 Dog Ear Cleaner Reviews you could rely on for optimal comfort.

Zymox Otic Dog Ear Treatment is a highly active dog ear cleaning solution. Formulated with hydrocortisone, and it is our top pick of available ear cleaners. It is highly effective in managing a wide range of ear infections irrespective of their etiology and the age or breed of your lovely pet. It has a new patented LP3 enzyme system incorporates glucose oxidase into the solution which facilitates the oxidation of glucose to gluconolactone and hydrogen peroxide that kills most bacteria.

This enzyme feature has maximized its cleaning potential. Using this dog ear cleaner do not require any pre-cleaning due to its enzyme content, and it doesn't just clean up your pets' ear, but it further get rid of waxy build-ups and debris which is vital for reducing the risk of irritation.

ZymoxOtic Dog Ear Treatment solution is effective against many microbes, including bacteria such as Pseudomonas, Escherichia, Streptococcus, Staphylococcus, and Proteus species and fungi such as Malasseziapac hydermatitisand resistance is not associated with it.

It is a fast action dog ear cleaner, which is very easy to use by both Veterinarians and pet owners. It contains no antibiotics, efficiently destroy antibiotic-resistant organisms, and effectively treats external inflammations and the ear.


  • Keeps ear healthy.
  • Acts quickly within seven days from application time.
  • Relieve itching and infection.
  • Do not cause aftermath irritation.
  • Has no antibiotic.
  • General breed dog ear cleaner.


  • Has more protective function than treatment function.
  • Contains some chemical ingredient.
  • It could be sticky.

ZymoxOtic Dog Ear Treatment solution effectively cleans and maintain the health of your dog by merely applying it once for each day for seven days. If you need a general purpose dog ear cleaner for your dog or puppy, ZymoxOtic Dog Ear cleaning solution is a worthy investment.

Vet Organics Ecoears Dog Ear Cleaner arguably one of the best natural dog ear cleaner out there. , and one of the favorite vets recommended dog ear cleaners. Formulated with well researched and medically recommended ingredients such as denatured grain alcohol, vegetable glycerin, tea tree oil, and boric acid to mention a few, that makes it efficient for treating painful, itchy, or smelly ear infection irrespective of their causative agents.

Vet Organics EcoEars Dog Ear Cleaner is also a fast-acting dog ear cleaner, and its effectively cleans your dogs' ear, remove waxy build-up, remove dirt and dust, take care of inflammatory redness and stop repeated ear itching by merely applying it in the ear canal about twice a day. In 7-10 days, you will see your dog's ear healthy and your pet relieved.


  • Fast acting solution.
  • Contains no synthetic or pharmaceutical agents.
  • Treats multiple microbial infections.
  • Cleans, remove dirt, prevent wax build-up and deodorize.
  • Natural and easy to use.
  • Vet recommended.


  • Contains some alcohol.
  • Has a wide mouth.
  • Burning on the application has been reported by some users.

In addition, to all these great features, this dog ear cleaning solution could be added into your routine pet cleaning water even when there is no infection to prevent the risk of disease. One major feature of this ear cleaner is nature—it contains no synthetic chemicals, which makes it great for even sensitive ears.

PPP Pet Aroma Care Ear Wipes is one of the best natural dog ear cleaners in the industry. It contains a Eucalyptus Oil and natural Aloe Vera that makes it a great dog ear cleaner you could use to keep your pet's ears healthy. Unlike other dog ear cleaners that come in liquid form, PPP Pet Aroma Care Ear Wipes comes with 100 already presoaked wipes in a moisturizing formula that contains other ingredients including natural Aloe Vera extract.

With these wipes, you could easily clean your dog ear with some mechanical push that ensures a painless, healthy wipe is done regularly, one hundred times. It is effortless to use and could be used by any dog owner any time of the day. By simply lifting your dog's ear, PPP Pet Aroma Care Ear Wipes helps you to remove dirt, wax build-up, debris, and microorganisms to give your dog hearing freshness and poise.


  • Very easy to use.
  • Cleans and deodorize.
  • Made with natural ingredients.
  • Contains Aloe Vera which soothes the skin.
  • Could be used only twice a week.
  • Highly cost effective.


  • Do not treat ear infections.
  • Not too suitable for puppies under 10-12 weeks.
  • Not too high for sensitive ears.

Dog ear cleaner should be used twice weekly for over 12 weeks for your dog irrespective of the breed or age. One more fact! PPP Pet Aroma Care Ear Wipes is, but it is also cost effective when compared to the quality it brings and its counterparts. It is our best budget option for you.

This dog ear cleaner is also a Vet recommended dog ear cleaner. Made with some chemical ingredients, however, it also contains natural ingredients like purified water, Aloe Vera and Eucalyptus oil, which makes it a soothing, non-irritating dog ear cleaner.

Pet MD Dog Ear Cleaner Wipes is not a liquid dog ear cleaner applied in drops; instead, they are presoaked wipes that give your dog gentle and safe ear cleansing without giving you any difficulty to use. These wipes are presoaked in solutions that prevent ear infections, removes dirt and debris, and reduces the wax build up in and around the ears.

Each pack you purchase contains 100 alcohol-free disposable wipes. It also has an anti-odor formula that keeps your dog ears free from the foul smell, and it could be used daily to maintain the ears of your dog. However, it is used for only the listener and dogs and puppies over 12 weeks old.


  • Easy to use.
  • Prevents itch, infection, irritation, and odor.
  • Alcohol-free with natural Aloe extract.
  • Relatively inexpensive.
  • Relatively large in size (2.25 inches).
  • Vet recommended.


  • Do not kill mites.
  • Not intended for the treatment.
  • Used for only dogs above 12 weeks' old.

Pet MD Dog Ear Cleaner Wipes is a wholesome dog ear cleaner investment to keep the ears of your dog's health.

Pet King Brands Zymox Ear Cleanser is another excellent dog ear cleanser. It contains quite several enzymes, including Lactoferrin, and Lysozyme. It is notorious for providing a non-toxic way of managing dog ear infections. It also originates from the same manufacturers of ZymoxOtic Dog Ear Treatment solution, and it is the only ear cleaner used alongside ZymoxOtic Dog Ear Treatment solution without interference with the LP3 action of ZymoxOtic Dog Ear Treatment solution.

It formulated with no chemical agents, which makes it both non-toxic and non-irritating when used. It removes dirt, prevents itching and infections, and also remove odor, leaving the ears of your dog healthy and fresh. It is one of the best ear cleaners for labs even though other dogs could also use it.


  • Fast acting and cleanses your ears well.
  • Very easy to apply.
  • Great for labs.
  • Non-toxic and non-irritating.
  • Leaves your dog ear with a fresh and pleasant smell.
  • Convenient for dogs who dislike slow drops.


  • Leaves an oily residue after use.
  • Can cause some allergy.
  • Could discolor the hair on the dog ear.

Pet King Brands Zymox Ear Cleanser remains a great dog ear cleaner, and it is straightforward to use and affordable.

This dog ear cleaner is versatile and represents an investment worth making. Curaseb Antiseptic Ear Flush is a chemical based dog ear cleaner solution unlike the natural ones described above, and the active ingredient is the antibiotic, ketoconazole. It is highly effective in cleaning debris and dirt, removing wax build up, killing mites and eliminating infection-causing microorganisms. 

It has a potent anti-bacterial, an anti-yeast, and anti-fungal property, which makes it an excellent choice for a cure, prevention, and management of ear infections for your pets. Using it puts an end to itching, head-shaking discharges, and an odor due to microbial infections and mice.

This dog ear cleaner is also a Vet recommended dog ear cleaner, and as the term "flush" accompanied its brand name, it is also an excellent solution for ear wash for dog infections. Using it gives your fluffy pet a gentle, safe and clean wash, leaving her with an awesome cucumber melon scent. However, that's not all! Curaseb Antiseptic Ear Flush could also be used on the skin to treat other skin problems that your pet may be having, such as rashes, acne, and scaly patches.


  • Highly versatile—could be used for ears and topical skin.
  • Has a strong anti-microbial property.
  • Densely flushes and cleanses the ear.
  • Veterinary recommended.
  • Quick acting and easy to use.


  • Has a fragrance that could irritate some dogs.
  • Not effective for inflammatory conditions.
  • Could cause allergy.

This versatile dog ear cleaner is highly versatile and recommended based on popular review for your labs and even other pets like a cat.

If a single phrase could describe this dog ear cleaner, it is one of the best dog ear wax cleaners. This dog ear cleaner is very efficient when it comes to wax removal irrespective of the threshold. It has some unique monosaccharides that have both anti-irritant and anti-adhesive properties, which makes it a soothing dog ear cleaner that also loose the bonds between infectious microorganism and the ear surfaces of the dog.

It inhibits both fungal and bacteria growth and dry clean the ear of your pet when used. By initiating a quick dry, Vibrac Epi-Otic, Advanced Ear Cleaner removes a moist environment which generally favors the growth of hydrophilic microorganisms. This dog ear cleaner has a neutral pH and therefore used alongside other ear treatment and maintenance preparation without much interference. It also features anti-odor technology and deodorizes your pet's ear, leaving it fresh and aromatic.


  • Loosen the bond between microorganisms and ear skin.
  • Has a good anti-inflammatory property.
  • Removes bad ear odor and causes ears to smell better.
  • Emulsify and consequently remove excess wax in dog ears.
  • Dry cleans—keeping the ear safe from moisture-loving organisms.
  • Non-irritating and tolerated by sensitive ear skin.


  • Could cause an allergic reaction.
  • Could cause some mild itchy irritation.
  • Has intense perfume smell that could trigger respiratory allergy.

This dog ear cleaner recommended for dogs those have sensitive ears due to its antiseptic property and drying feature.

Doggie Dallies Pet Ear Cleaner is also one vet recommended dog ear cleaner. With natural soothing elements like Aloe Vera extract and tea oil, which provides the needed relief your dog needs while being treated or kept safe from infectious ear diseases. Practically, Doggie Dallies Pet Ear Cleaner removes debris, dirt and ear wax safely by loosening their bond with the skin. It also takes care of foul odor and gently soothes itchy and head-shaking ear problems.

It is easy to use and will not sting or burn your dog ears. The ear cleaner's kit comes with an applicator tip that makes it easy to use and administer to your pet. It is safe for routine use, and it also has a great smell that will not irritate your dog or make her uncomfortable.


  • Has an excellent and balanced scent.
  • Contains natural ingredients which makes it safe.
  • Do not sting or burn your pets' ear during use.
  • Effectively removes ear wax, dirt, and debris.
  • Could be used for routine cleaning.
  • Clean, deodorize and maintain the health of your pet's ear.


  • Some dogs react to the scent.
  • Do not cure the infection.
  • Could cause allergy.

This dog ear cleaner is excellent and remains one of the top good dog ear cleaners out there. However, we recommend that you adhere to the manufacturer's instruction.

This dog ear cleaner is highly effective in treating an existing dog ear infection or preventing a potential one. With about five active ingredients including Aloe Vera that makes it efficient in removing dirt and debris, eliminating head shaking itches and discomfort, removing ear wax build-up and knocking out infection-causing microorganism.

This solution begins to act within a few minutes after application and most immediately provide quick relief for your dog's inflamed ears, thanks to its 100% unadulterated Aloe Vera content. This dog cleaner gives a decisive knock to bacteria, fungi, yeast, and even ear mites to ensure that the ear of your pet healed and free from the pain causing organisms.

Using Mister Ben's Dog Treatment Tonic with Aloe keeps your dog free from inflammation, irritation, foul smelly discharges, and overall discomfort. It also comes with a suction application tip that allows you to use it quickly based on the manufacturer's instructions. It could be used for preventive purposes even before your dog has an establish ear infection or disease.


  • Suitable for most or all breeds of dog.
  • Has a broad spectrum anti-microbial property.
  • Made of natural ingredients.
  • Very easy to use.
  • Comes with a free e-book that educates you more on your pet's ear.


  • Contains alcohol.
  • Not suitable for dogs under six months' old.
  • Harshness on ears reported by some users.

This dog ear cleaner is terrific to use. The e-book that accompanies this dog ear cleaner kit provides you with vital information that will improve the ear condition and overall health of your pet.

The trademark feature of this particular dog ear cleaner is the absence of hydrocortisone. Hydrocortisone is a controversial substance found in some dog ear cleaners, and it is most often included as an anti-itch substance to relieve itchy ears. However, it could have serious side effects such as immune suppression and kidney dysfunction, and this is what makes this particular dog ear cleaner unique.

This dog ear cleaner is formulated with natural ingredients without hydrocortisone and is highly effective in the management of both acute and chronic infection of the ear caused by fungal, bacteria, and even viral agents. It is simple to use, and based on the manufacturer's instruction and the type of infection your pet is suffering; within 7-14 days, a once-a-day application will get your pet into shape.

It is not harsh, it doesn't bite or sting your dog ear, and it is a less expensive option.


  • Fast acting dog ear cleaner.
  • Relatively inexpensive.
  • Has some anti-itch property.
  • Made up of natural ingredients.
  • Long lasting aftermath results.


  • Could cause an allergic reaction.
  • May not work for advanced ear infection.
  • Could show rebound reaction in future!

This dog cleaner features below here, but that doesn't underestimate its potentials. It is reliable and represents an ingenious compromise between quality and cost effectiveness.

Talk about a dog ear cleaning kit, and you've found your mystery in this particular dog ear cleaner. This dog ear cleaner, unlike most traditional ones, is designed to address itching and every cause of itching—most importantly, ear mites. Is made of a pyrethrum based liquid that controls dog ear mites and ticks, it also helps you get rid of inflammatory parasites to give your pet comfort and health.


  • Very effective against mites.
  • Does not show any side effects.
  • Relatively inexpensive.
  • An easy instructional guide to follow.
  • Do not burn, sting or cause pain when applied.


  • Work against only ticks.
  • Have a powerful smell.
  • Poisonous and must be handled with care.

This dog ear cleaner may not be the general purpose cleaning agent you envisage. However, if you are looking for something that will give ear mites a total elimination, Miracle Care R-7m Ear Mite Treatment.

This last on our list but not the least on the index altogether; EarthBath All Natural Specialty Ear Wipes is another only dog ear cleaner wipe, and it is a fast, efficient and convenient way of cleaning your pet's ears and keeping it free from dirt, debris, and wax which could cause infections and foul smell.

Except for this great cleaning agent, hazel, everything about this product is 100% natural. It doesn't react with other ear preparation that you may be using already, and it deodorizes your dog's ear and provide a measure of therapeutic properties when is used.


  • Compact and very easy to use.
  • Contains natural ingredients.
  • Made with biodegradable materials.
  • Effective against allergies and irritations.
  • Do not have or leave an offensive smell.


  • Have a full mouth that makes application difficulty.
  • Packaging quality is doubtful.
  • Relatively expensive—each pack has only 25 wipes.

If you are looking for a dog ear cleaner wipe that would give your dog comfort and relieve, EarthBath All Natural Specialty Ear Wipes isn't a bad option at all.

Ultimate Buyer's Guide For The Best Dog Ear Cleaner

The products that we have described above are all great and reliable dog ear cleaners. However, you may only purchase one or two of these and choosing from the twelve products, as mentioned earlier, may be confusing. However, you need not worry! We will provide you with some blueprints and guide on the factors you need to consider before purchasing a particular dog ear cleaner. Pay attention to these!


Before you buy any dog ear cleaner, you must first spend some significant amount of time to research on and study the component ingredient of the dog ear cleaner. Irrespective of your referee or recommendation source, you need to understand that the needs of your dog may differ from that of another. So, read and know the ingredients of your option and the effect each of those ingredients has on your dog in the long run.

On a general note always ensure that your choice ear cleaner is free from preservatives, drying agents and artificial fragrance.


There are many dog ear cleaners out there, but most of them designed for specific purposes. When intending to buy a dog ear cleaner, you will need to check your dog to know the present condition and infection. Based on this, you will be able to know which particular dog ear cleaner to use for that purpose, and this will give cost-effective results.

So on a practical note, you need to ask yourself questions like, is it a primary infection? Is it a mite infestation? Is it a foul-smelling discharge? Is it wax accumulation? Knowing what you intend to handle will go a long way in helping you make a great choice.


Now, you may discover two different products that have the same ingredients and handles the same kind of infection. In such a situation, you need to go for something that has excellent quality. So, we have helped you to order these products based on their condition sequentially.


Everything comes down to the bucks in your pocket eventually. When considering which dog ear cleaner to purchase, you must find your purchasing power. Don't buy something outside your budget and when you see a great product above your purchasing power, you could go an alternative or plan to purchase that in weeks or months to come if your dog need is not urgent.

Manufacturer's Instructions and Offers

This very important because the manufacturer of that product best explains the methodology of using the product, therefore, ensures that you are purchasing a well labeled with an instructional guide. In addition to that, it is wise to always go for products that have warranty and guaranty packages, so you could protect yourself from losing out altogether in cases where the product fails to meet your expectations.

Read Customer Reviews

Most online stores have customers' reviews and ratings that could help you see the significant effect or trend of a precise product. With the Amazon product links attached to these products, you stand the opportunity of seeing reviews of those who have purchased your choice dog ear cleaner before you. This will actively help your decision because you will see practical testimonies that are not mere marketing articles.

There is no need to rush! Take your time and follow this guide before making a purchase decision for your lovely pet friend.


=> What could cause my dog to develop an ear infection?

There are many causes of dog infections. However, the most common cause is the presence of microorganisms that are trapped by dirt, debris, and wax, found in ears of dogs. Using dog ear cleaners to remove these, will reduce the population of these organisms and keep your dog healthy.

=> What are the common symptoms of a dog ear infection?

Visible symptoms include itching, redness, swelling, and discharges.

=> Are all dog ear cleaners the same?

No! There are two essential types of dog ear cleaners—the otic drops and the otic wipes. The otic drops are liquid formulations that are dropped into the dog's ear for action before washing in some cases. However, the otic wipes are presoaked, dense, and thick sheets (about 2.25 inches in diameter) used for more mechanical cleaning of the dog's ears.

=> Which dog is ear cleaner best for my pooch?

Well, all the products above featured under the heading, "best dog ear cleaner review." Therefore, they are all good. However, based on all the under listed factors on our buyer's guide, you will make the best choice for the pooch.

=> How do I use this dog ear cleaner?

Using a dog ear cleaner require no worrisome expertise. Anyone could make use of dog ear cleaner. You only need to follow the manufacturer's instructional guide, and you will be fine.

In conclusion, it is your heart desire to see your dog comfortable. It is also a great thing to know that their sound perception is both intact and beautiful.

Therefore, you need to keep their ears clean and healthy and free from obstruction. Dog cleaners have been formulated with different designs to make this easy and convenient. With these commercial dog cleaners, you could keep your dog healthy and hearing at an affordable price. There are many dog ear cleaners out there, but their quality and reliability significantly differ.

This post has reviewed the top best dog ear cleaners out there based on popular reviews and consumers experience and have provided with deep enough knowledge to justify this.

In addition to that, we have provided you a buyer's guide that is very important for you—if you must make the right purchase. Some of your questions have also been answered. Therefore, the onus now lies on you to take advantage of this vast knowledge to purchase a dog ear cleaning tool that would keep your dog brightly healthy and awesomely hearing.

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