15 Best Automatic Dog Ball Thrower | Buying Guide 2023

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Pet owners understand how tough it is to entertain their dogs while trying to keep up with the demanding lifestyle of our world. Fortunately, best automatic dog ball throwers are helping a lot to stop this worry. With automatic launchers, your furry friend gets to play fetch, and you wouldn't even need to stress yourself throwing balls around. It's definitely a more natural way to keep your dog active and happy.

However, finding the best automatic dog ball thrower is no easy task. Luckily, we have made thing easier for you by compiling a list of the best automatic ball launchers that are worth investing in, and all that you need to know about them. Besides, you get bonus information to guide your buying, and all the questions weighing heavily on your mind will be answered. So, are you ready? Keep scrolling to keep learning.

Quick Comparison Of Top 3 Best Dog Ball Launcher


Chuckit Pro 25m Launcher

  • Helps to throw balls a long distance for dogs to truly exercise.
  • Keep you from bending to pick balls.
  • Prevent you from touching the dirty ball.
3rd best

Chuckit Dog Ball Launcher

  • It is affordable.
  • It is comfortable to handle.
  • Prevents you from touching a dirty ball.
  • Saves you the stress of bending to pick balls every time.

Here are the details of our top 15 best automatic dog ball thrower you could rely on for optimal use.

Sitting comfortably on the number one spot in this list is the iFetch interactive ball launcher for dogs. iFetch was introduced to the market in 2014, yet it has succeeded in building a fast-growing fan base. The launcher boasts of a sturdy design that contributes immensely to its durability and sets it apart from other machines of the same nature. It works with mini tennis balls, thus making it appropriate for smaller dogs.

Because the launch distance can be set from around 10-30 feet, the motor can function well in both an indoor and outdoor space. iFetch is small enough to fit into two shoe boxes with a dimension of 14 x 11 x 9. This thrower uses an AC adaptor power of 110 or 220 volts. It also works with six c-cell batteries and can last for up to 30 hours of use. If your dog is smart enough, it can quickly learn to play on its own using this machine.


  • The machine is a study.
  • It has plenty of range.
  • It can work both indoors and outdoors.
  • It has a great battery life.


  • It is slightly too loud.
  • The ball is too small for larger dogs to play with.

Chuckit pro launcher takes the second spot on our list, and this is not without good reason. It is made from a plastic material that is lightweight but durable and uses as the best automatic tennis ball launcher for dogs. Though the launcher has a simple design, it boasts of advanced features such as a hands-free pickup. This feature is ideal for such moments when the ball is covered in drool, and you don't want to touch it. 

Apart from these, the effectiveness of this motor is high-end. It can easily launch balls to either long or short distances. The launcher also possess a handle that is easy to hold. Besides, a hanging hook is integrated into the design to help store the machine easily

The machine is effortless to use but what makes it stand out the most is how affordable it is despite all that it has to offer. Being priced at around $15, this launcher is ideal for the buyer who do not want to spend too much money buying a pet toy.


  • Helps to throw balls a long distance for dogs to truly exercise.
  • Keep you from bending to pick balls.
  • Prevent you from touching the dirty ball.
  • It has a long ergonomic handle for control.


  • It can only be used with Chuckit balls.

Third, on our list is the Chuckit Dog ball launcher. This launcher works by improving your throwing distance as well as your speed, all with little effort. It is a portable instrument being only over two feet in length and performs significantly on both sandy areas and fields. The thrower is made of plastic and comes with a bouncy rubber ball that is not hard for pets to see.

Chuckit dog ball launchers are designed to be used in an outdoor space. It is designed to keep your hands from touching dirty or muddy balls while playing. Besides, it keeps you from having to bend down every time to pick up the ball. The Chuckit dog ball launcher is all about control and comfort, no wonder it takes the third place even among the best dog Frisbee.


  • It is affordable.
  • It is comfortable to handle.
  • Prevents you from touching a dirty ball.
  • Saves you the stress of bending to pick balls every time.


  • Buyers usually have no say concerning the colour of the launcher that they get.
  • There's no clear information about whether or not the launcher can use other balls apart from Chuckit.

While this dog ball launcher may be a little bit on the pricey side, it sure has some features that make up for its price. Therefore, it takes number four on this list. Being an automatic dog ball thrower, idogmate dog ball launcher offers a distance setting that is up to 35 feet to users. It also features wireless operation and comes with a remote control to achieve this. It contains a Manual guide for users, adaptor cords, and three balls.

The idogmate small dog ball launcher exhibit impeccable design. It is creative and unique. It also boasts of solid construction which will ensure that it lasts for years. The ball size that it uses is just right for small dogs. Meanwhile, there's a wide chute at the top of the device that makes it easier for pets to place the ball into the machine so the fun can continue. The device works with an AC adaptor which comes with the thrower, and batteries can be used too.

However, the price of this automatic machine is quite high being around $115. Nevertheless, when you consider the ease with which the device can be set up, its durability and the skillful craftsmanship, you'd see that the price is justified.


  • It has an attractive design.
  • The wireless operation is cool.
  • It works both in the outdoors and indoors.
  • The balls included are non-abrasive and colorful.


  • The remote control is flimsy.
  • The device is too bulky.

The iFetch too is a bigger version of the original iFetch ball launcher. It is better suited for larger dogs and comes with some really cool features. It has a lot of automatically functioning settings, all of which can be used to control the launch length, ball speed and the trajectory. The device comes with three blue balls, an instructional manual, a charging cable, and a brand flyer containing information about the iFetch too. Compared to traditional tennis balls, the balls included here are a little bit denser and more massive.

In terms of cost, the iFetch too is quite expensive. However, it is reasonably priced considering all that it offers, and most modern users will find no problem purchasing it. The device provides a distance setting that is ranging from 10 feet to 40 feet. These settings are sure to encourage flexibility in the dog. Meanwhile, the device does not support any kind of battery. Instead, it derives its powers from a quick recharge. It takes one hour to charge fully before it is ready for use again.


  • Durable and suitable for users that travel frequently.
  • It charges quickly and retains the power for a long time.
  • It can use both full-size tennis balls and pet- safe balls.
  • Help pet achieve self-sufficiency.


  • Damp balls tend to affect the device negatively.
  • It is quite expensive.
  • When set to the highest distance, the device starts making noise.

The Playball automatic ball launcher occupies the sixth position here, and it's not hard to see why. The device is one of the best-selling ball launchers in the market and is a perfect companion for dogs, especially medium-sized ones. The Playball automatic ball launcher is not only known for its handy features, but also for its convenience, and ease of use. It can function both outsides effectively and inside the house and is capable of throwing balls at three different distances. 

The Playball automatic ball launcher is much more affordable compared to other ball throwers like iFetch too. Meanwhile, the Playball automatic launcher can be powered using a wall plug and an adaptor, though it also supports battery use. Thus, the adaptor enables the users to just plug in the device when inside, while the batteries are saved for later when it’s time to play outside. The design is pet-friendly. It had a large opening which makes it less difficult for pets to place the ball in its ready-to-launch position. The Playball machine often come with an adaptor of 110 - 240 volts, a manual, and three saliva-resistant balls.


  • Reasonable price.
  • Sleek design.
  • Saliva resistant balls are included.
  • Standard packaging.
  • Works both outside and inside.


  • It cannot be used by different sizes of pets because of choking hazards.
  • Rechargeable batteries do not come with the package.

In terms of "pet-tech" gadgets, PetSafe is one of the leading manufacturers of the best auto dog ball throwers. The PetSafe’s automatic ball launcher has a setting that is highly adjustable from 8 feet – 30 feet. It also has about 6 different angle settings. One highlight of this product is its safety sensors that stop balls from being thrown when there's a person or even a pet standing in front of it. In fact, the device has three motion sensors to enhance the safety of humans and pet. This is why this launcher is number seven among the best launchers for dogs.

However, this automatic dog ball thrower machine usually has a long delay between reloads. Thus if your dog is very fast in catching the ball, this might be a significant drawback for it. Nevertheless, the PetSafe automatic ball launcher comes with two standard-size tennis balls, a power cord, user manual and training instructions.


  • The motion detector is a good safety feature.
  • It can throw a ball from 8 - 30 feet, has 6 angles and 9 settings.
  • Works well both inside and outside.


  • It makes a lot of noise.
  • It delays between reloads.
  • It is not suited for smaller dogs.

iDogmate big dog ball launcher is another useful ball launcher to buy for your dog. Unlike it's a smaller version, this version of the ball thrower is a better companion for big dogs. It uses regular-sized tennis balls of 2.5 inches. When it comes to sound production, this machine is just perfect for users who have nervous dogs. The highest peak decibel level is 76dB and its average reached is only 55dB.

The machine usually comes with pieces of rubber balls. The design is beautiful and convenient for dogs to play on their own. It also has remote control and cycle charging features. The launch distance can be adjusted to between 10 - 50 feet using the remote control that comes with the package. Because the range is adjustable, the motor can function inside and outside. The Idogmate big dog ball launcher runs on an AC adaptor power that is included with the thrower. It also comes with rechargeable Li-ion batteries which can keep the machine work long enough to throw balls for up to 1000 times after full recharge.


  • It has an auto-play feature.
  • It has a large hopper easy ball recharging.
  • It has an auto-shutoff feature.
  • It works with a remote control.
  • It has a battery protection system.


  • Comes with low-quality balls.
  • Does not have that many features.

The GoDogGo control fetch machine is one ball thrower that stands out. This remote can be used even from a distance of 50 feet away. It has a beautiful design and a launching remote control. The motor also has variable timing. Besides, this launcher is the only one in the market that allows you to load many balls in it at the same time. While most dog ball launchers shoot the ball straight forward, GoDogGo doesn't function in the same way. Instead, it launches the ball upward and into the air, thereby avoiding any possible harmful contact with people and pets too.

As the best functioning launcher of GoDogGo, this thrower features 3 different time settings and 3 different distance settings as well. This way, the product can be appropriate for use in different play areas. It also has a multi-use design that helps the dog interact independently with the machine. This device works best for a larger breed of dogs because it uses a 2.5-inch ball. However, it is not easily affordable as the cost is somewhat high.


  • It provides a higher launch range than other devices.
  • On-demand launch, and automatic safety switch.
  • The balls are designed to be used by both larger and smaller dog breeds.


  • Because the ball launches upward instead of forward, the device is inappropriate for indoor use.
  • The device is too noisy for most animals.
  • It is expensive.

Karmas product interactive ball launcher too makes an excellent launcher for dogs to play with. It works great for dogs of small and medium sizes. Its distance settings cover 10 feet, 20 feet, and 30 feet. It can also be used both in an indoor and outdoor space. The karmas product come with non-abrasive balls, designed to ensure the safety of the pet.

This product also features a rechargeable battery, making it easier for users to merely charge and use. Replacement balls are available. It Takes only one second to turn the device on, and about 3 - 5 seconds to launch a ball. The device is easy to clean, runs on wall plug power and comes with a remote control to further its convenience for users. The device also supports c batteries which can be used instead of the recharge power.


  • It has a feature that automatically launches balls for small dogs.
  • It comes with 3 balls for small dogs.
  • It has 3 different range settings for ball distance.
  • It is fun for dogs of all ages.
  • Quite easy to store and carry.


  • May require users to train the dog extensively before it can use it alone.

This dog fetch toy is one of those toys that'll keep your dog occupied for hours. The toy work best for small dogs because it uses a mini-sized ball. Apart from it being easy to use, the toy also has a talking feature that springs into action ones the ball is situated inside the machine. It can be powered using 4 C batteries or 6V, 3A adaptor.


  • The dog can play alone.
  • Has a talking feature.
  • It does not make noise.


  • Does not come with AC adaptor.
  • Balls are not saliva-resistant.

This launcher is ideal for launching balls for dogs in a fun way. It is made in such a way that pet owners do not have to touch slobbery, dirt-covered balls while playing.


  • It has a fun cannon style design.
  • Easy to use and operate.
  • Launches balls without straining the arm.
  • Works with tennis balls.
  • Good for hands-free pickup.


  • Only comes with one ball.

This launcher is one toy that can comfortably wear your dog out. It has increased storage which can house extra balls. This device gives you the opportunity to adjust its distance range, plus it is easy to use. It comes with a shoulder strap also that makes transportation easy.


  • Easy to operate.
  • It is lightweight.
  • Hands-free ball pick-up feature.
  • Extra ball storage space.
  • Offers settings for indoor use.


  • It is expensive.
  • The launch may not be too extensive.
  • The handle may break as a result of pressure.

This dog ball thrower also has a slingshot-like appearance. Because it is compatible with any standard-sized tennis ball, the launcher is perfect for larger dogs. It is capable of helping to launch balls to far distance and has integrated ball storage. Meanwhile, it comes with 4 tennis balls.


  • Holds up to 5 balls at once.
  • Can launches balls up to 200ft.
  • Doesn't require charging or batteries.


  • It is a semi-automatic launcher.
  • It isn't very interactive.

This launcher bears much semblance to a slingshot. It is both fun and easy to use for dogs and their owners. It has a scoop-shaped end that allows users to pick up balls easily. This thrower is designed with quality steel.


  • Its Slingshot design makes it fun to use.
  • It shoots balls to a reasonably good distance.
  • Comfortable to hold.
  • Has a pickup-free scoop bottom design.


  • Doesn't launch as far as similar products.
  • Users can throw a ball about as far as this launcher does.

Ultimate Buyer's Guide (Things To Be Considered before Buying The Best Dog Ball Launcher)

Dog ball launchers do not always have the same things to offer. In fact, they are not always created in the same way. While the primary function of these devices is to launch the ball for the dog so that pet owner can save their own energy, different dog throwers have various features. As a result of this, the pet owner has to pay keen attention to the make-up of each dog ball thrower they come across and ensure that the one they end up choosing is the perfect one for their dog. Of course, there are many things you should consider when buying a dog ball launcher and this guide explains why.

The Size of The Dog

When it comes to purchasing an automated dog ball thrower, this is the most crucial thing to consider. Different launching devices use different sizes of balls. However, most models make use of a 1.5-inch mini tennis ball. While this might be perfect for small furry buddies, it is just not the most ideal choice for a German Shepard. So, while you're buying, don't forget to check the size of the launcher as well as the size of the ball it uses. This will help your dog avoid any kind of choking hazards. Some companies like iFetch and iDogmate or iFetch, sell more massive versions of their launchers which are ideal enough for large dogs.

The Distance Settings

The distance setting is also an essential aspect of a dog ball thrower. Most fetch machines are suitable for both the outdoor and indoor space. A lot of them also support both an AC power and battery operation. If your dog is the active type, it would be wiser to go with machines that can launch to a long range. Also, ensure that the thrower is suitable for outdoor use.

The Ease of Training

The whole point of an electronic fetch toy is that pet owners get to save the time and the stress of throwing balls around for their pet to catch. Thus, you need to consider how easily your dog can learn to use the fetch toy on its own. Mostly, automatic ball launchers that come with wide ball chutes are usually much more comfortable for dogs to use. The GoDogGo ball thrower had one of the largest chutes for reloading in the market. Thus, it is one of the easiest launchers for pets to get accustomed to.


For most dogs, a loud, noisy sound can be off-putting. They tend to get nervous around objects that make weird noises, and this will likely stop the dog from training with it. This is why it is really crucial that you choose a launcher that is not too noisy.

The Cost

One other thing that will influence your choice of dog fetch toy is the cost. Like many other things, the price of automatic ball launchers differs from one device to another. Usually, a reliable dog ball thrower machines cost somewhere between $100 and $200.  Dog Fetch toys that are priced lower than $100 tend to break or wear out quickly. Besides, they are not so reliable.


What is a dog ball launcher?

A dog ball launcher is a machine that allows pet parents to launch balls so their pets can chase and fetch. There are two basic types of dog ball launchers, automatic and manual. An automatic ball launcher typically throws balls with aid from the pet owner. This way, the pet can play with the machine even if the pet owner is not around to throw balls. It makes it easier to entertain dogs and keep them busy. Manual dog ball launchers, on the other hand, still require pet parents to put in some efforts. However, they make throwing balls to long distances much more manageable.

How does an automatic dog ball thrower work?

Typically, most automatic dog ball thrower either run on AC or battery power. It works by automatically launching balls for your dog to chase and fetch. They usually launch balls anywhere from about 10-50 feet. Many of these devices can be used both indoors and outdoors and can help your pet exercise well. They also have angle settings in distance settings. This lets you control how far the ball flies. With this, your pet will hardly be bored.

Who can use automatic dog ball throwers?

Automatic dog ball throwers are specially designed for dog owners and their dog. Depending on the product and model, the machine can work for both small-sized, medium-sized and large-sized animals. The ball size that the launcher uses also determine how appropriate it'll be for different dog sizes.

Do dog ball launchers require special balls?

Some ball launchers require special balls while others do not require special balls. Most of these best automatic dog ball throwers can function with standard-sized tennis balls. However, some devices only work with proprietary balls. In most cases, these special balls come with the device.

How far do automatic dog ball launchers throw balls?

Automatic dog ball launchers are capable of throwing balls anywhere from about 10 feet to 50 feet. Most devices also usually have adjustable settings to control the launch distance. This helps to keep the dog guessing.

Should I avoid cheap automatic dog ball throwers?

Most high-end fetch toy devices are priced between $100 and $200. Products within this price range will likely be more reliable, durable, and effective. Others that are of a lesser price tend to not be so reliable. They will not last long will likely not have that many features for the dog to enjoy. Therefore, if you have the budget, go for an expensive fetch toy instead of a cheap one.

Automatic dog ball launchers are no doubt impressive and innovations. Considering how they help to keep dogs healthy and increase the bond between pet owner and pet, every pet owner should own one. Fortunately, most pet owners, nowadays, are coming to realize their importance, and are investing in it.

Having explored all the best pet models that will offer you the best value for your money, picking the best automatic dog ball thrower for your dog should not be too difficult. Make sure that the needs of your dog and automatic dog ball thrower are aligned. Your choice of fetch toy should fit with the nature and size of your canine companion.

A regular dog ball launcher will work just fine if you are committed and enjoy playing with your dog. However, if you are one that likes to keep your dog busy while you see to other things, a high-end dog ball launcher like iFetch is a good choice. Ultimately, ensure that the one you choose is not too hard on your pocket. Follow the rest of the dog ball thrower reviews and guides provided in this article, and you will find your pet the right toy.

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