Are Shock Collars Good for Huskies? Let’s See The Reality Behind it

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A shock collar is known as training collar for dogs. It is also known as remote control collars, e-collars, or electronic collars. These collars deliver electrical stimulation of various intensity and duration to any body part of a dog. This stimulation is being delivered via a radio-controlled electronic device, which is incorporated into a dog collar.

Generally, people use shock collars as a pet containment system, mainly for the dogs. These collars are used to keep a dog inside the yard without any physical barrier. There are some areas where local laws or homeowners’ associations prohibit the construction of a physical fence.

In those areas, the use of shock collars is much popular to control or train their dogs. But many questions are shock collars good for huskies? And here we are to help you know about this.

Is It Good for Huskies?

Some confusion is it good to use shock collars on huskies or not. So, we researched and found out the pros and cons of it. Next, you are going to know about these and the decision is yours.

Advantages of Shock Collars

Trains them to stay in the property

Huskies are classic northern dogs that are intelligent, independent, and stubborn. These dogs need to run, and in fact, they are bred to run. They love running, and their love of running can overcome the love for their guardians sometimes. Husky is a very independent breed that has a high prey drive. These characteristics make it more dangerous to let them run outside freely. To control their running, these shock collars are much helpful.

Because these collars help you to control them with an electric device which is handy and you don’t have to run with them. You can sit in the house and control them from there via shock collar.

Helps to control without leash or harness on

Generally, Shock collars are used for off-leash or without harness training. Normally huskies have strong bodies. They have an instinct to charge ahead. For this, you should train your Husky to walk on a leash, which is a great idea.

Husky owners are not generally recommended to allow their dogs to go off-leash in an insecure environment. Again huskies can pull half of an average weighted person. For this, it is not easy to maintain the leash or harness all the time, and it is also a hassle sometimes.

To solve this out shock collar is beneficial. You can attach a shock collar on your husky and maintain his or her behavior without handling a hassle of leash or harness.

Controls excessive barking or howling

Barking is just one sort of oral communication that a dog uses. Howling is another form of vocal communication of dogs. Mostly the huskies howl instead of barking. It is normal for huskies to howl sometimes.

Mainly when they are bored, whenever something is wrong or when they want your attention and want to play with you. However, dogs from other breeds will bark for all these reasons, but huskies will howl or whine.

And sometimes it can become excessive. Then that is the time when you need shock collars. A collar will automatically deliver a correction whenever your husky starts excessive howling. If they continue to howl, the force, duration, and frequency of the shocks may be automatically increased.

Disadvantages of Shock Collars

Can increase aggression and stress

According to some studies, the dogs trained via shock collars can show extreme aggression towards humans. This aggression can go over and beyond their normal behavior. Some study results show that there is a big danger with shock collars, which is that the shocks may cause dogs to make wrong associations, and learn the wrong things.

These can also be seen in huskies with shock collars. Huskies are mostly independent and stubborn types. So, this shock collar may lead to anxiety or negative associations with many objects like humans, prey, or anything else, which can ultimately result in aggression.

Schalke’s study result indicates that shock collars can be extremely risky to use even for the short term. It can increase the stress levels of dogs, which any of us does not want.

Can weaken the bond

Some research shows that huskies associate the pain from shock collars with their environment, people, animals, prey, and other objects as well as in that environment. These also show that when shocks are no longer administered, the dogs still attach the environment to something stressful and negative.

Moreover, using a shock collar on your husky may cause him or her to associate your home or you with stress and pain. Usually, when the collars give them a shock, they feel pain, and they think that the pain is coming from us. This thinking is kind of negative.

Because whenever they think of us, they will remember that we are giving pain, and thus their belief can break. Remember that some results show that this negative attachment can form just in 7 days. So, this can be a vital reason to weaken the bond between you and your beloved husky.

Reducing their quality of life

Shock collars mainly deliver electrical stimulation of various intensity and duration to any body part of a dog whenever they try to go out of control. This stimulation is like pain. Whenever we press the remote control, the shock collar gives them a shock, which is pain.

We previously knew that these shocks have side effects, which may cause many problems like aggression and stress. Whenever a dog gets aggressive or stressed, it affects his or her life negatively.

Your husky believed you from the very beginning, but when you start using a shock collar, you may lose it. And all of these will hurt their lives, which will ruin their quality of life.

Last Minute Suggestions

If you don’t want to use a shock collar for your beloved husky, it is okay. Bit, if you’re going to use one for your husky, then there are some suggestions on choosing the right collar. The fact is that there are several factors you have to consider before choosing any collar.

Size: Collars are of many sizes a small, medium, large, or all dog sizes. Different collars are made for different purposes. You need to determine the exact use of the collar before buying.

Behavior: You need to consider the behavior of your husky. If your husky loves to pull, there are specific collars specially made to pull on the leash. 

Purpose: You have to make clear the purpose of using a shock collar. If you are going to use the collar to pull objects with the husky, then pick a good enough collar to protect your dog neck and cause no injury.

Final Insight

We started our journey with a question- are shock collars suitable for huskies? – In our mind. Luckily, our research team has done a few research & presented all the answers to that question with proper explanation.

Now, you know how to take care of your Huskies with the shock collar or not. Thanks for going through these articles, stay with us for all research-driven facts & good things for your beloved dog.

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